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  • Prachet Agarwal
    Prachet Agarwal

    Josh the millionaire asking for 310 pounds back. You love to see it!

  • JamesPC

    Kons moving mad

  • Sushi Cooshie
    Sushi Cooshie

    Those were twinkies, Hostess is the brand, or the company that makes twinkies

  • Jaden

    I like the chaos

  • White White
    White White

    I haven't heard of half these snacks

  • Malk1ss

    Gib was robbed

  • ACx14

    Who else here after gib got robbed 😭😭

  • Crxw

    Why did my guy sound like Bobby Boucher from fucking Waterboy when he did the lisp

  • FLIXZ ϟ
    FLIXZ ϟ

    If you ever get a chance to come to Canada you should try food from tim Hortons

  • Jas0n0wens

    Im high af and when i clicked on the video i thought it was ethan when the video played i wasnt disappointed :)

  • Jade Jenkins
    Jade Jenkins

    Not that you’ll read my comment but I have celiac disease (can’t have gluten, soy, wheat or rye) so if I ever have a McDonald’s I can have patty’s without the Bun. The fries are also gluten free. The more you know

  • Nate Munroe
    Nate Munroe

    Kon highkey saving me by reminding us to connect to wifi and stop wasting data

  • scotsman242424

    No contest, yank food taste like shit.

  • BoyInTheRoom


  • Kannaa Chockalingam
    Kannaa Chockalingam


  • caven kennedy
    caven kennedy

    Kon made this video 10times better

  • Tyreese Nelson
    Tyreese Nelson

    Do the same with KFC nandos and other fast food restaurants

  • Gamer Brothers
    Gamer Brothers

    Josh should add the tommy T song on Spotify

  • Alex Canales
    Alex Canales

    You should do UK snacks vs Mexican Snacks I’d like to see that

    • Alex Canales
      Alex Canales

      Mexican chips = Class

  • Alex Canales
    Alex Canales

    You got the wrong Cheeto popcorn there are better versions of that popcorn

  • Sakif Newaz
    Sakif Newaz

    Ur actually a cretin 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Roman Keawe
    Roman Keawe

    2021 anyone?

  • A4R0N H0U5T0N
    A4R0N H0U5T0N

    wtf. thought it was Ethan in the thumbnail. but Kon was better

  • jack oz
    jack oz


  • Ender Pewds
    Ender Pewds

    The faces josh made have serious meme potential. Do your thing reddit

  • Ashton Ebbutt
    Ashton Ebbutt

    POV:u thought it was Ethan at first 😂

  • Jorge gc
    Jorge gc

    @zerkaa do uk vs mexicans

  • Jorge gc
    Jorge gc

    Why so many cereals 💀😂

  • Matteo Ayrton
    Matteo Ayrton

    Is kon ethans brother??? They sound so similar and look so similar. Someone plz help

  • Bartek Jamróz
    Bartek Jamróz

    Using the "Deep Voice Gas" is only dangerous if you do it too much. The gas itself is not harmful, but the lack of oxygen is. As long as you take several regular breaths after inhaling the gas you should be fine.

  • dutoiu hour
    dutoiu hour

    Flamin’ Hot Cheetos vs. Takis: The classic American hot snack rivalry.

  • Charmy the chameleon Challenges
    Charmy the chameleon Challenges

    Congrats u are now over Kiera Bridget on subs

  • Jens Hildebrandt
    Jens Hildebrandt

    Hard video

  • Nathan Walker
    Nathan Walker

    @zerkaa can i have the leftovers please

  • •

    Josh has never had dixy???

  • JustMeAidan

    Ayo it’s in my recommended again we can get it to 10 mill

  • Absolute Absurd
    Absolute Absurd

    Fuck America, they dont have Squashies, immediate loss. :)

    • dutoiu hour
      dutoiu hour

      Why are the caprisuns so big in the uk tf

  • Demi Barr
    Demi Barr

    Ethan lookin su s

  • AverageClamp

    The nopixel reference tho 👌

  • Harley Danks
    Harley Danks

    Is it just more or is Josh’s jumper is hard I wanna know what it’s called

  • Jake Stroud
    Jake Stroud

    This has been my favourite video from Josh (apart from gta rp) in a while

  • Holy

    This video subject has been done to utter death.

  • BigRandomUn

    The best Harry hitting his mum edit has to be the 'Oh you beauty. What a hit son, what a hit'

  • Ramil D
    Ramil D

    is this on a fats forward phase was goin on lmao

  • Olivea Murray
    Olivea Murray

    “I want that one” good old andy

  • Harvey24

    Good vid tbf

  • Pierce Philippe
    Pierce Philippe

    1:34 n-word...

  • Aaliah Xxx
    Aaliah Xxx

    Big man didn't know how to use a can opener 😂

  • Aaliah Xxx
    Aaliah Xxx

    Just...take the lid off and bang the ketchup on your tray...you'll get the last bit out

  • Regan Walker
    Regan Walker

    “ dunno me it’s Tommy T “

  • John_e11

    Takis are a Mexican snack

  • Gareth84

    con is so underrated hes really funny

  • Pyrko

    Kon is my spirit animal

  • Macy S
    Macy S


  • TropicTC

    when josh ate the warheads paste stuff the face he made, was priceless

  • Zuzanna Milczak
    Zuzanna Milczak

    I love how they said "nazdrowie"

  • Mason Sayre
    Mason Sayre

    Why are the caprisuns so big in the uk tf

  • Jack Bailey
    Jack Bailey

    Can you give me one too 🤣🤣

  • Jay Jasvani
    Jay Jasvani

    @Zerkaa You were looking so adorable 6 years back 😂🤘🏻 Maybe the Most handsome Sidemen Ever.

  • ASMR Pow3r Fe4r
    ASMR Pow3r Fe4r

    ´´elow elow elow zeka fösday´´

  • xFutuxe VR
    xFutuxe VR

    13:12 of course harry was into the idea

  • Im Herbb
    Im Herbb

    Angel Delight

  • Chad Wood
    Chad Wood

    Everyone says Calfreezy n that should join sidemen but my man Kon would be a sick addition, and he's already part of the crew.

  • RJ Fitness
    RJ Fitness

    Not gonna like I thought it was Ethan in the thumbnail 😂

  • Silver Eagle King
    Silver Eagle King


  • zseu

    dunno me its tommy t

  • zseu


  • driftify

    1:36 what did you say?

  • gray

    Day 36 of trying to get subs

  • Lucas Douglas
    Lucas Douglas

    It's a 22 min vid with like 6 ads on it shut up moaning about spending a bit of the video earnings on the video.

  • Katyayani

    now this is their most viewed video on youtube

  • Vrede Human
    Vrede Human

    I thought this was Ethan and Josh a few years ago. 😅

  • annag cocl
    annag cocl

    Kon knows British culture: "I want that one".

  • James T
    James T

    Why are you the British lad you tubers annoying as fuck

  • Jake Duncanson
    Jake Duncanson

    Why he act like his vids don’t get more than £300

  • Hollie

    “I’m implying that you’re going to get the shits later on” Kon cursed him

  • jake griffithis
    jake griffithis

    Is Josh better at cod than jj was on fifa

  • Rich

    I love how these videos have absolutely no structure, just straight up chaos.

    • annag cocl
      annag cocl

      i thought it was behz on the thumbnail😭

  • Bobby Singh
    Bobby Singh

    That lisp reminds me of the Racoon from RP

  • I'M NOT A BOT. 🙄
    I'M NOT A BOT. 🙄

    Joe Biden vs Joseph