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Song Name: Fire
Artists: Shystie feat. Jme \u0026 Double S
Album: Shystie: Blue Magic
Producer: Elicit

Double S :


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Zerkaa | ZerkaaHD | ZerkaaPlays

  • Daniel Just for fun
    Daniel Just for fun

    @12:23 I’ve done it 3 times bro

  • Soy Saucing
    Soy Saucing

    Shakespeare dude misspelt bologna lol

  • Mahir

    @zerkaa how do you make your pfp

  • Tyrese Ukaigwe
    Tyrese Ukaigwe

    My boy TENDA TOM!!

  • Arian A
    Arian A

    Jj probably followed them😂

  • Aryan Gaming
    Aryan Gaming

    I love how he still says that hello hello hello! Even when the video is sad

  • Exx0 Playz
    Exx0 Playz


  • tautau101

    jaden brown?

  • demonsluger

    Come on man we gotta know which sidemen followed that onlyfans account


    Video idea (if you see this) you all get some second hand caravans and set a bunch of challenges and make it a weekend event could possibly give you a few videos

  • Soh'm Kapse
    Soh'm Kapse

    This is my first time his video. His voice is so calming

  • Alfie Muz
    Alfie Muz

    @zerkaa if you play rocket league on pc you can download a skin changer where you can have all the items in game and custom decals But it only shows on your car no one else can see i, steam and epic do allow it as well

  • shamal chandra
    shamal chandra

    The click bait is fucking annoying

  • Swish_Gorite

    no jayden browne

  • Blood Lit Phantoms
    Blood Lit Phantoms

    It's gotta be Ethan😂😂

  • Kevin de bruyne
    Kevin de bruyne

    Hey mn of good I speak here of Brazil I am very your fan reacts to Brazilian tik tok please!! Mo satisfação se me responde 🇧🇷🇬🇧

  • MiddleDill

    3:08 sounds like he’s saying something else😂😂

  • Can i get 1 Sub
    Can i get 1 Sub

    *I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life..*

  • Liam Johnson
    Liam Johnson

    100% KSI

  • RDC

    Gotta say some better memes on the reddit today

  • Alexandra Trastamara
    Alexandra Trastamara

    Only top tier people will get the 'you could make a religion out of this.'

  • dylan mulroe
    dylan mulroe

    GTA series is your best of all time bro

  • Marco K.
    Marco K.

    The poems are dead fam

  • Super SAS
    Super SAS

    8:30 the nfl draft sound was a beautiful touch

    • aha

      it's the nba sound, unless they use the same sound idk

  • Aryan K
    Aryan K

    Lmao it was also my birthday on the 10th of may. Thanks Josh lol!

  • Mooshmello

    Josh is a car, vrmmmmmmmmm vrmmmmmm skrttttttttttt

  • Mooshmello

    1 day ago and only 300k views where are all the subscribers, disappointing

  • NotQuizi

    The last number on the colours was 63

  • Mitch

    12:10 i struggled cuz colourblindness that felt like an attack xD

  • Starbucks Coffee
    Starbucks Coffee

    2:04 "Streamlined? What am I, a fucking car"

  • Shane Butler
    Shane Butler

    Josh condoms, gives a new meaning to “on ya head top”

  • Joshua Draper
    Joshua Draper

    Sidemen Hunted they have to evade the law for 7 days and get to a escape location who would get caught first

  • Fat Ginger
    Fat Ginger

    18:35 Hi Rhod daddy

  • Voun108

    I am colorblind m8 11:50 I am subbed tho

  • Darcey Ball
    Darcey Ball

    they should copy TGF and adopt a fan for a day when covid is over. They should stay in the groups they were when they were babies and act as if they have grown up it would be fun to watch

  • LightningStriker Official
    LightningStriker Official

    I think jj forgot to sign out because of the @ rap account

  • the fws
    the fws


  • Aarush Nair
    Aarush Nair

    No one: The title:my family dies Zerkaa:HElLo HeLlO heLLO

  • Joshua Gibson
    Joshua Gibson

    There should be a certified button for the Josh drawing that haunts all of the videos 😂 Edit: flair button is what i meant 😂

  • Luke Bower
    Luke Bower

    I bet it was Ethan that followed them

  • Joshua Myler
    Joshua Myler

    "Streamlined? What am I? A fucking car?"

  • Satnam Gugar
    Satnam Gugar

    It was defo Ethan who followed the only fans girl 😂

  • Azr_7


  • Niclas Larsen
    Niclas Larsen

    The truth is your channel is dead

    • Casper H.B
      Casper H.B

      Siger ham der er subscribed til Logan paul

  • Poric Crompton
    Poric Crompton

    I can’t wait for the behind the scenes sidemen holiday

  • Poric Crompton
    Poric Crompton

    Best channel on ISnets ngl

  • Cobra Smoke
    Cobra Smoke


  • eekling


  • ollie vecko
    ollie vecko

    You should do sidemen in VR for 24 hours might be a more sidemen vid

  • Thomas F
    Thomas F

    Is that ZRK tshirt on sale?

  • Jack Gamblin
    Jack Gamblin

    When josh says dickhead 😂

  • Tonni Stage
    Tonni Stage

    You can use the decal in game just use Bakkesmod!!!!!

  • Coolbreezed

    I tend to actually watch videos less when you blatently try to clickbait some bs

  • Vraschik Lalla
    Vraschik Lalla

    Zerkaa to use your decal in RL you have to use BakkesMod... also you will be the only one who can see the decal

  • Joshua Asencio
    Joshua Asencio

    i did not see jayden brown

  • Julian Butzbach
    Julian Butzbach

    The prison idea, is more of a Beta Squad vid

  • Francois de Kock
    Francois de Kock

    Escape room would be sick🥶

  • Gee


  • iblamekristy

    "I'm in the bloody Sidemen hhh"

  • Simon Ørum Odér
    Simon Ørum Odér

    Great video, i jst wanted to comment on a small improvement to make (maybe), im watching the video with headphones on, and every time the "REDDIT/Zerkaa digital comes on the sound goes wayy louder than the rest of the video. Just wanted to let you know! ;)

  • Shannon Corns
    Shannon Corns

    Zerkaa: telling the truth Me: alright josh what does Reddit have in store for us today

  • Christopher Mallord
    Christopher Mallord

    Abdul is the GOAT.

  • Quinten Rotthier
    Quinten Rotthier


  • Alfie Lamb
    Alfie Lamb

    Ethan deffo did it

  • Amir Azam
    Amir Azam

    It's definitely JJ

  • Solomon Gorringe
    Solomon Gorringe

    I clicked the button and It made me unsubscribe

  • DoubleTapThatDotty

    Bez gonna be down bad 😂

  • Sobanel

    100% Ethan.

  • Amber Smeets
    Amber Smeets

    I would love that video!

  • Ryan Reece-jones
    Ryan Reece-jones

    The number was 63

  • Jenisha Anilkumar
    Jenisha Anilkumar

    Yes josh

  • amirrez

    Shitty repetetive title :/

  • ItsHarryK

    At this point if the title says I got cancer. I will just laugh and click the title

  • Vegeta Rules All
    Vegeta Rules All

    Josh doesn't mean teasing someone, whoever said that is completely wrong. Josh means passion.

  • Mungunbayar Battsagaan
    Mungunbayar Battsagaan

    jayden brown not at the top? outrageous

  • SparkZero

    Man gets us with the clickbait but it’s trending for Gaming so at the end he loses

  • Tharsan J
    Tharsan J

    why is it only follow 8 account though lit ep.

  • DemonTime_Phantom

    This was so click bait I had to demagnetize my finger from clickinh the video multiple times, but I gave in

  • Mythic

    What truth its a reddit video

  • Psycholazy

    I think JJ was the one who followed the only fans girl because he claims to enjoy sidemen shorts and watch it on daily basis AND also does rap or I just want to be on JJ's reddit by posting the screenshot of this comment

  • GameZedd

    The more important questions is what does Kirsty and the other photographers even do? I've never seen any of the photos they take anywhere online. What happens to them?

    • Martial

      All the insta post on the Sidemen account and their personal account related to the Sidemen Sunday are all taken by Kirsty

  • Strey Demon
    Strey Demon

    JJ would quit 5 minutes into the challenge. If he had to try to figure out the puzzles himself. You have to make his puzzles 100 times easier than the rest of the Sidemen's. The GTA RP series is a great one. My moneys on JJ being the one who followed the onlyfans page on Tiktok. So his gf wouldn't catch

  • Fighter Lm
    Fighter Lm


  • AWGM music
    AWGM music

    13:39 13:45 13:56 14:06 14:17 14:25 14:34 14:43 14:54 15:05 Someone turned it into a song

  • Jonathan Films
    Jonathan Films

    ima take a guess it was behz😂😂

  • Liamjames Cross
    Liamjames Cross

    nah i not haveing this josh needs to stay bellow memeulous

  • BumbleNump

    Holiday BTS 10 mil views or we riot!!

  • R4INYY

    i also made a zerkaa alarm as well it’s a bit complicated on iphone tho 😂

  • Nicko Kamphuis
    Nicko Kamphuis

    Imagine doing different prized caravans for the caravan idea doing it in 3 teams 1 cheap, 1 average prized and 1 expensive caravan

  • Ashley Emms
    Ashley Emms

    You guys should use the abandoned prison you used for the hide and seek to do the prison break instead of making a fake prison

  • Ultralord Fun
    Ultralord Fun


  • Ultralord Fun
    Ultralord Fun


  • Wainy

    Josh, you can use the Deval on rocket league through Bakkesmod and custom plugins on the game.

  • Dante Nicastro
    Dante Nicastro

    The truth that it’s monday

  • Ella.894

    #9 on Gaming Trending Ahh yes Reddit- my favourite game

  • Savan Rajput
    Savan Rajput

    Isn't day 2 or reddit Monday, a Tuesday?

  • Fu Shi
    Fu Shi

    Should’ve seen the look on my face when I realised it wasn’t Talia

  • Brandon B.
    Brandon B.

    From the US. When he started talking about the caravan it took me a while to realize that he wasn't referencing the Dodge minivan. To us its just a RV.

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones

    Harry, Vic, or Ethan probably followed the Onlyfans chick

  • Shriyan Srivatsav
    Shriyan Srivatsav

    Bro why do you always need clickbait. Thats it I am unsubbing now