We Got Married!
Find out how we got married at the end of the video! The game is the game 😜
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Song Name: Fire
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Album: Shystie: Blue Magic
Producer: Elicit

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  • Drf rangitipene
    Drf rangitipene

    For some reason no one knows nz but we are so sick people think nz and aussie are the same so this made me happy

  • Reynathan Ruru
    Reynathan Ruru

    Man like zerk 🙌🏾 reporting from western Australia bruvva

  • Kallum

    this is in the highest elite category of clickbait

  • Styx

    Josh you can’t talk about that ur doing soo much for ISnets when ur doing clickbaite like this from a ISnetsr with your following this is horrible clickbaite

  • Styx

    Just saying josh I don’t care about how many subs you have that clickbaite isn’t Acceptable your getting on Morgz level

  • Ernesto Perez
    Ernesto Perez

    Nike blazers on big Josher would look clean! Also big clickbait but it’s Zerkaa so does it really matter bruv? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Tom Braben
    Tom Braben

    Gday mate

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    Leo Messi

    tbh i’m not even disappointed cuz who tf gives a fuck if josh clickbaits you

  • Leroy Black
    Leroy Black

    I'm from new Zealand

  • Nabeel 0trakci
    Nabeel 0trakci

    I cant wait for the divorce where she takes half your money

  • Vladislav Kuydin
    Vladislav Kuydin

    Change your name now! You've missed Josh fight, you can no longer have that name.

  • Carrie

    australian fan of zerkaa fridays here

  • Hossam Altobgy
    Hossam Altobgy

    Clickbait at its best

  • Mike

    Josh should get nike court shoes

  • peter talarico
    peter talarico

    Yeah the AU

  • Gaming Is Fun
    Gaming Is Fun


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    Mr Oven


  • Dogg

    Sidemen Monday’s, Reddit Tuesday’s and Zerkaa Friday’s for me! - Love from NZ Josh

  • anything I guess as
    anything I guess as


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    14 Muffins


  • Hani Chokr
    Hani Chokr

    As soon I saw this i clicked

  • ZA KI
    ZA KI

    I SUBBED!!

  • Madison Hill
    Madison Hill

    We love Reddit Tuesday’s in New Zealand 😂🙌🏻

  • Eren jeager
    Eren jeager

    We got married still just 500k wews

  • MówMiCharlie

    I am watching you guys (sdmn) since 2013/3014. And now when im watching this, this is so sad to look at. Now when you make even a 0:20 second clip it needs to 'BANG', 'THE GAME IS THE GAME' Blah Blah. I know Its important and now every ytber is making money out of it but i know one more thing. It's BULLSHIT. People were watching you when you had no money, there is no game, you making the 'game' for yourself. I know there are People like me who almost watched every video and we dont give a f if it bangs or not. We just want you guys to be yourself, dont sell this for 'content' or 'the game'. First time in 8/9 years i want to click unsubscribe. (sorry for my English, its not my everyday language)

  • izzy jacobs
    izzy jacobs

    Click bait

  • RichyB 7777
    RichyB 7777

    The day this man actually acheives something great and films it he's gonna get like 1k views on the video since everyone is going to think he's clickbaiting

  • Nive Yoga
    Nive Yoga

    Let's be honest, we all knew it was clickbait.

  • Danan Costello
    Danan Costello

    I've been bamboozled

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    Soha Star


  • Tigers Fan All Day
    Tigers Fan All Day

    I should've known. I don't know how I end up falling for these. ISnets is so fake these days.

  • Chante' Poppie
    Chante' Poppie

    Reddit videos are lowkey so annoying lmao the clickbait!

  • someoneranodm 252
    someoneranodm 252

    i'm in australia and it is indeed friday

  • Rice and beans
    Rice and beans

    Jesus is the way the truth and the life no one gets to heaven except through Him. Repent before It’s too Late. It’s your choice heaven or hell change your ways and turn to Him !!!

  • Will Jackson
    Will Jackson

    yeh the strayans

  • chris peakoc
    chris peakoc

    Tobi, jj, and josh are now lords

  • Jack Nelson
    Jack Nelson

    U really should react to tiktoks with Harry for zerkaa Thursday


    Change Hello Hello With Something Else Please All Videos Starting Like This For Fuck Sake 🤣🤣🤣

  • Curtis k
    Curtis k

    Lol this clickbait is getting old the an josh sheeesh

  • dark destroyer
    dark destroyer

    good on you sir

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    Jay J

    I’m fucking crying the HOODIE 😭

  • WatchDoge

    King of clickbait

  • Maab Mohamed
    Maab Mohamed

    I knew I was finna be catfished but I still clicked

  • 19 Zeina Mohammad Khamees Al Tah
    19 Zeina Mohammad Khamees Al Tah

    and thats when u get smartly clickbaited...

  • Bladez Of War
    Bladez Of War


  • rasifiy

    Me: clicked video to say congrats Me when I clicked it: bruh

  • Sivert Edland
    Sivert Edland


  • JayBird1031

    Zerk, i know you probably hear this all the time, but I still think back to that legendary 100th Episode of MW2 killcams that played "Kings and Queens" by 30 Seconds to Mars. It was the summer after my 10th grade year in highschool, and it's wild how that here I am 11 years later about to graduate tomorrow with my doctorate degree in Pharmacy! What a great time to be a part of video games and the evolutionary culture that so many can relate to. Thanks for being a part of that awesome era.

  • Rebecka Manolova
    Rebecka Manolova

    Me: checking the comments to see if this was clickbait before watching the video.

  • Joshua Poyzer
    Joshua Poyzer

    “Sidemen Sunday’s” are always a good start to Monday mornings lol

  • supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Yee
    supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Yee

    Josh got to the josh fight to show who is boss!

  • Drake

    You’ve been with her for 10 years and you haven’t proposed... you’re both weirdos

  • Harry Ehlen
    Harry Ehlen

    Love from Australia my G

  • Thomas Chisholm
    Thomas Chisholm

    Aus gang

  • Ming

    josh stop this click bait

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    Vivek Kumar

    love from Australia

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    Ritesh Patel

    Yessir from aussstralia

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    Daniel Schirripa

    Yooo from aussss

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    Thomas Upton


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    Jason Little

    Australian fan!! And yes Friday mornings

  • L1TE

    WELCOME TO THE REDDIT ok we got clickbaited

  • Konzaking

    Aussie aussie aussie


    They should do sidemen fear factor and give Harry buttons, and JJ some holes

  • Ace Ace
    Ace Ace

    Next day later: divorce papers

  • Demon Angel
    Demon Angel

    “ we got married “ me: *hyped and clicks* Josh: “hello hello hello” me:*unsubcribes because i got click-baited more than 20 times *

  • Warlord 54
    Warlord 54

    got Clickbaited

  • Gui Tarist
    Gui Tarist

    Josh: "We got Married!" Me: (Reads comments b4 I watch the vid): "This MOTHA FU-

  • Liam Clifford
    Liam Clifford

    New Zealand

  • Adam Andrews
    Adam Andrews

    Like to join NZ/Australia gang

  • NBA Vids
    NBA Vids

    From New Zealand and it has always been zerkaa Fridays

  • My name Josh
    My name Josh

    Lets be allies in the fight Zerk

  • Eden Stoneman
    Eden Stoneman

    Im from nz bro

  • Liam Younger
    Liam Younger

    I checked the thumbnails too 😑😑

  • MossyEYE C
    MossyEYE C

    Unfollowed cause you celebrated a man that is losing his freedom when they crackhead died from an overdose under him. The man literally shoved a gun into a pregnant woman’s stomach threatening to kill the baby during a robbery. Plus 20 other arrests. The police put him in his stomach because in the cop car he said he couldn’t breathe so they lauded him down. They didn’t play that clip on liberals lying media though did they? Quit being puppets to the racist left that wants to divide us so they get votes

  • Tense Sniper1080
    Tense Sniper1080

    ISnetss broken. Got notified about this 2 days after wtf

  • Killed IRL
    Killed IRL

    I'm from new zealand, big ups Zerkaa

  • Jose Lagos
    Jose Lagos

    Josh has a doodle bob

  • Alpha Balole
    Alpha Balole

    We need a one question go from Josh

  • Kate Hollamby
    Kate Hollamby


    • Killed IRL
      Killed IRL


    • Killed IRL
      Killed IRL

      me too : )

  • Logan20 ELG
    Logan20 ELG

    Clickbait? Edit: yep

  • kevin nguyen
    kevin nguyen

    you gotta stop clickbaiting man, theres a reason why you have the least subs out of the sidemen

  • Rice And Peas muncha
    Rice And Peas muncha

    ‘We’re getting married’ Big Josher: “Hello Hello Hello”

  • King FliX
    King FliX

    Josh's clickbait is getting better and better all the time

  • Molly Emms
    Molly Emms

    WE GOT MARRIED! Me: checks what day it is “Ohhh it’s a Monday”

  • ItzDuckDude

    We all should have known what was coming. It’s just gets us.

  • Victor Candelaria
    Victor Candelaria


  • Ruby Spenx
    Ruby Spenx

    Well it’s not really zerkaa Thursdays anymore it’s more like zerkaa Fridays

  • CM M
    CM M

    If I only cared enough lol

  • A Ghost
    A Ghost

    Why does Josh sound like dantdm when he started youtube?

  • Monke Oprah
    Monke Oprah

    How can u date someone for 10 years and not get engaged

  • Isaac Woodfield-Mills
    Isaac Woodfield-Mills

    not everything is about views and subs, just have fun with your videos

  • Ehsan Alodat
    Ehsan Alodat

    1k dislikes wow,, why?? 😂😂

  • lasr

    I've been clickbaited so hard

  • Connor Bergin
    Connor Bergin

    I’m so upset

  • Aussie fish aquariums and terrariums
    Aussie fish aquariums and terrariums

    Yea we’re here, hello hello hello from Australia

  • TheDuda

    Spoilers: They didnt get married 🤦‍♀️

    • Killed IRL
      Killed IRL

      Click bait: He got her knocked up

  • James Fox
    James Fox

    The sidemen should do the 0 gravity plane thing for a sidemen vid

  • k4kura


  • Cait X
    Cait X

    Fucks sake your clickbaits are jarringggg

  • Damien Thomas
    Damien Thomas

    I am enjoying my reddit tuesday here is Australia