I'm Taking A Break...
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Fingers crossed I'll be well enough to get back on the grind over the next few days.

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Song Name: Fire
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Album: Shystie: Blue Magic
Producer: Elicit

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Jme: twitter.com/JmeBBK
Double S : twitter.com/doubleSmusician
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    Only the real ones in 10th grade will know about the quadratic formula at 10:10

  • Captain Fitness
    Captain Fitness

    OMG she’s on the list 🥳🥳🥳

  • Tstormer

    the dizzy sideffect is a residual covid thing. it happed to my mom she still gets them off and on and random coughing spells

  • Yeetus Deletus
    Yeetus Deletus

    Well so much for that

  • Brooklyn Hunt
    Brooklyn Hunt

    Try get a scan done pleaseeee, you never know what it can be. My boyfriend felt the same and all his bloods were fine and he had a brain tumour. Try get a scan

  • Alfie Prewett
    Alfie Prewett

    17:03 this would be a sick way to collab with TGF

  • Shaun Bonsu
    Shaun Bonsu

    What’s is the thumbnail

  • 8Trayer8

    Me not watching this video, because I was scared he would actually leave for a month. Waited 6 days when I saw je did make another video after this one. Now I'm brave enough to watch this clickbait. Am I broken?

  • lit


  • deelot1

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • Myztinct

    I knew it was clickbait but fuck it man

  • Yannick Bolasie
    Yannick Bolasie

    Josh, I don't know if you've been made aware of it yet but when you were showing the "Sidemen go back to school" they're air max 97's on Steven's feet, not TN's (sorry don't want to sound like a neek)

  • Kekezza Gibson
    Kekezza Gibson

    There's weights that you can get to go on your ancles arms and neck etc, to imitate what it's like being old. Woud be a good idea to do this and try different challenes (strength test, race, cooking / baking, ANYTHING...)

  • P41n

    aah that click bait title

  • Lee Farrell
    Lee Farrell

    Does anyone remember when josh was playing drug dealer simulator who thinks that he should bring it back

  • Seb_.14


  • erick mendoza
    erick mendoza

    Get a head scan josh

  • Arthur Gutierrez
    Arthur Gutierrez

    Sidemen Sunday idea: SIDEMEN DRIVE A PARTY BUS

  • S1eepyda1ne

    Get better mane

  • Harrym04 __
    Harrym04 __

    tobi and josh have known each other for 17 years. I'm 16. this whole youtube stuff and sidemen was in the process before I was in the process

  • Becky Ross
    Becky Ross

    Me and my girlfriend have been getting dizzy spells recently but have never had covid starting to think it's just being locked up in the house that does it

  • Leon Thompson
    Leon Thompson

    Hey josh I had the same problem with being dizzy I think you have this thing called intracranial hypertension

  • DNA

    hey zeerka if you feel dizzy normaly you probably have low blood presure so try to eat less or almost none suger or sweet stuff also avoid sour stuff. yes i am a doctor.

  • perseus Gamez
    perseus Gamez

    Why didn't the video not show up in my sub box

  • toasty _
    toasty _

    This video is the whitest video if seen today

  • Chris Yide
    Chris Yide

    Im 16..would be 17 though in weeks

  • WackoJacko

    Pleaaase make gta a weekly video

  • Eslyn Myla
    Eslyn Myla

    You and Toby have known each other since I was two years old 😳🙈

  • Soph Pitts
    Soph Pitts

    I used to get dizzy sometimes, turns out it’s a stress and anxiety symptom, so maybe you just need some more time to yourself mate! Obviously it could be something else but hopefully it’s nothing serious 👍☺️

  • Kyle Flynn
    Kyle Flynn

    Tobi and Josh's friendship is as old as me... Wild

  • muskaan boogie
    muskaan boogie

    we love you alwayssss

  • Kara Morgan
    Kara Morgan

    sidemen top trumps

  • Tay _clarkson
    Tay _clarkson

    6:33 his face gives the same vibe as Ethans face when he went down the steps in the bike 😂

  • seffff the step bro
    seffff the step bro

    Why is it that all his videos are click bait lmao

  • Jamil Dost
    Jamil Dost

    Behold; My experience with dizziness

  • Roberto Melchor
    Roberto Melchor

    In the thumbnail you look like drake ain’t nobody notice that?

  • ꧁Orca꧂

    Dont do pro clubs. Do gta instead

    • Beta

      Do both...


    Fair play big geeza

  • LM

    9:31 there 97s josh, big boomer😂

  • ClintonYT

    Why does Josh look so old in the thumbnail?😂

  • Shokz Sho
    Shokz Sho

    19:55: Josh Josh Josh brother no omg God no that made my violently shiver

  • Mohamad Aurafa
    Mohamad Aurafa

    take a great break and come back better champ

  • Arjanator04

    Sidemen top trumps

  • mo7_master

    fell asleep to this video lemo

  • Mark Johnstone
    Mark Johnstone

    Josh- We need to do a video with Lauren "Pornhub has entered the chat"

  • eqjx

    actually stop clickbaiting, you're only decomposing at a faster rate

  • stubbyonethumb you should just pop two tea bags in
    stubbyonethumb you should just pop two tea bags in


  • stubbyonethumb you should just pop two tea bags in
    stubbyonethumb you should just pop two tea bags in

    Nope he dosnt deserve the subs, he didnt keep the hair.

  • LEVI Ackerman
    LEVI Ackerman

    please do not comeback

  • JustTom

    I’m not going to lie I found josh out through Kon

  • yoongiuwu

    one sec into the video and i can already tell its clickbait

  • joe palmer
    joe palmer

    Sick click bait title

  • A Malik
    A Malik

    Probably long COVID I felt like that too. Dr said 3 month post COVID we can investigate as COVID symptoms/side effects should all be gone. Just stay hydrated is the best thing and get plenty of rest. Hope you get well soon.

  • jen macmiller
    jen macmiller

    we love u josh

  • Andre W Photo
    Andre W Photo

    Thumbnail make him look 45

  • Ben Huggins
    Ben Huggins

    Your videos are good josh, u don’t need to click bait cuz it just makes people not wanna watch cuz we know the titles are cap

  • Jack Endean
    Jack Endean

    The certified cartoon looks like jack Whitehall

  • Ash Sawyer
    Ash Sawyer

    I hope you feel better, Josh ❤️

  • the wild potato
    the wild potato

    I dont wnat to make you feel old josh but i am 17

  • Alfie McColl10
    Alfie McColl10

    U and Tobi 17 me 11 years old

  • Noodle Sage
    Noodle Sage

    "I'm here for a good time, not a long time" Wise words from a wise man.

  • Adam

    Maybe you just give out the first name of the winners so its impossible to message who won but we know who won

  • CDog924

    I enjoy the sidemen eating food and different types, but that car video would be a banger done right cant wait for that

  • Damian Lopez
    Damian Lopez

    big josher whats your top 2 favorite F1 drivers this years

    • Damian Lopez
      Damian Lopez

      and im a youtuber not on this account but would love to do a F1 video let me know if you want to its called F1 Racing Reviews

  • Yeetem and Skeetem
    Yeetem and Skeetem

    16:17 Harry and Ethan would just be jack and victor fae still game and it would be a smashin vid

  • Naomi Johnston
    Naomi Johnston

    Hope you feeling better soon ❤️

  • Hannah Stepney
    Hannah Stepney

    I also have severe dizziness after having COVID. I'm going to just wait it out and recover over time. Wishing you the best, lad

  • Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
    Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode

    Please be careful and look after yourself. My best friend had symptoms after a longer healing period from covid, he eventually contracted pneumonia and died at 30 years old. Your health is more important than any of this social media bollocks and money, look after yourself ultimately it's all we've got. 🙏

  • Me_Williston

    zeerka plz dont die

  • THE LAW 722
    THE LAW 722

    They should do a Go-karting sidemen Sunday with Lando Norris

  • yuzi

    Get well soon man! Nothing but love from me to you :)

  • Ksi..quackity..Poggers

    I'm crying I don't want josh to take a break 🥺🥺💔

  • that Joel Matthews guy
    that Joel Matthews guy

    Those are 97s not TNs how dare thee! 😂

  • Dragos D
    Dragos D

    You lost that naughts and crosses game the moment you refused to place it in the middle

  • Elliot Andersson
    Elliot Andersson

    Josh: i feel dizzy pov me thinking josh is going to die of a heart attack

  • Locker-Room Dwarf
    Locker-Room Dwarf


  • Mut -
    Mut -

    Whose line is it anyway sidemen edition. Someone put it on the reddit

  • Dean Newell
    Dean Newell

    I'm taking a break..... from pokemon cards. That would be good. Drop some of the hype so collectors in the non ISnets world get a chance. My Gf has been trying to get shining fates, but they're all bought out (apart from mini tins at silly prices) by scalpers. I get it's a hobby for the guys, but the hype needs to die, ruining it for everyone who actually wants to collect, rather than make a few quid reselling on gumtree

  • E


  • Yylow Ylowwy
    Yylow Ylowwy

    Hi Josh

  • IBeatz

    most clickbait so far from big josher? XD

  • Noahhh2005


  • Joey DP
    Joey DP

    Lauren Alexis was my assistant for 24 hours????

  • moam 1
    moam 1

    if anyone else didn't know, on jbrown's work stephen's book says comedy haha

  • Ella Brookes
    Ella Brookes

    Just me that doesn’t know what the yellow cards are 😭

  • ITz AndyLee
    ITz AndyLee

    Who agrees mean tweets should be up there top 10

  • Yuvraj Singh123
    Yuvraj Singh123

    If ur taking break gd u Man U do so much

  • M Yusuf
    M Yusuf

    that top gear idea would be good to do with the TGF they always messing around with cars

  • Nerea Lindoso
    Nerea Lindoso

    I don’t know how to explain it but the way this video has been edited has me laughing on the floor

    • фFliскЕvаиs ф
      фFliскЕvаиs ф

      Yeah like 17:10 IтS øи тhе lisт

  • J2 Daxte
    J2 Daxte

    the gta vid was so funny i just laughed all the way through we need more

  • Joe Stringfellow
    Joe Stringfellow

    Certi on ur ed top

  • Joe Stringfellow
    Joe Stringfellow

    Gta videos are top tier gowan

  • Aedan Lynch
    Aedan Lynch

    1000th comment 😀

  • Family Osei
    Family Osei


  • Groot The groot
    Groot The groot

    1000 comment great vid as all was josh

  • Shou Nazari
    Shou Nazari

    We want gta evre week

  • RomanShootsShit

    Ayy im comment 1000


    1,000th comment


    I am the 1000th comment let's see if I can get exactly 100 likes on this comment

  • DerpL

    The difference between josh's subreddit and jj's sub reddit is day and night