Eating The Sidemen's Favourite Meals Challenge!
👕: ZRK: ◄◄◄ (20th March - 5pm UK) ►►►

For this weeks Zerkaa Thursday....(Friday) we're taking on the challenge of cooking all of the Sidemen's favourite meals from the Sidemen Book. Each member of the Sidemen created their own favourite meal and put the instructions in the Sidemen Book! This concept was created on the Zerkaa Reddit.

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Song Name: Fire
Artists: Shystie feat. Jme \u0026 Double S
Album: Shystie: Blue Magic
Producer: Elicit

Double S :


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  • Luke Gordon
    Luke Gordon

    Or coke orange lamo

  • tom

    how shit are tobi and ethan’s dishes what an absolute joke

  • Vanessa Klein
    Vanessa Klein

    In Germany you can get Mezzo Mix which is already mixed fanta and coke :)

  • Miles Provan
    Miles Provan

    Peng add bro PENG

  • The Lord
    The Lord

    Al Dente does not mean good to go, it means the pasta is firm but not crunchy. Slightly undercooked compared to normal in the UK.

  • AidenPlays

    U didn’t ring Harry

  • Jack Byram
    Jack Byram

    Y’all call gogurt fruit?!?! Then what do u call actual fruit. I swear UK words for normal things are so weird... I still can’t get over calling pants trousers and underwear pants. Since when are pants underwear. Look up pants on Google you won’t find underwear and you’ll see pants on there. Not “trousers” pants

  • Timon Louwman
    Timon Louwman

    mixing coke and pepsi is a german thing and you can buy it in bottles its called Spezi

  • Jay Bevoman #ItsComingHome
    Jay Bevoman #ItsComingHome

    Isnt the whole book Ethans favourite meals 😂

  • Jordan Thorne
    Jordan Thorne

    Jjs is definitely black cod now

  • JFCI

    Sensational sensation

  • Kingsley Bridgforth
    Kingsley Bridgforth

    The harmonious gold evocatively fry because worm notablely deserve among a filthy fiberglass. incredible, well-to-do fifth

  • Vallinations Vallinations
    Vallinations Vallinations

    Mans flipping a steak with a wooden spoon

  • DrCrimson

    tip: mix in the pasta with the sauce so it is easier to eat tip 2: put the pasta in the sauce not the sauce in the pasta

  • wes jones
    wes jones

    Anyone realize he didn’t show how the steak was cooked...

  • Joe Holmes
    Joe Holmes

    Mario is a Spanish name no

  • OrBiTzzz


  • SkUlLbEaSt GâMïNg
    SkUlLbEaSt GâMïNg


  • Mo Malo
    Mo Malo

    ZERKAA videos are underated

  • Kaya Koch
    Kaya Koch

    Ha he’s got the same toastie maker as me lol

  • Snowdon Donnelly
    Snowdon Donnelly

    Why are there 2 josh 's at 6:00

  • KarimWatches

    Freya in the background at 20:35

  • GL donut
    GL donut

    once at school i shaked my mates froob arond so much it burst and went everywhere

  • William Playzz
    William Playzz

    Make a new and updated sidemen book

  • Alex Connor
    Alex Connor

    Pasta gang


    Omg did anyone notice the double Josh at 6:02

  • Jon-Jo Clarkson
    Jon-Jo Clarkson

    Is the book any gd ? Might cop

  • Just Reaper Gaming
    Just Reaper Gaming

    6 inches of knob..

  • crazy ninja
    crazy ninja

    Im having the harry one know it's peng

  • ImBlxze

    6:02 why is there 2

  • Tyler Greenwood
    Tyler Greenwood

    6:10 when josh said all my god it sounded like tobi

  • Louie

    Trust me sandwich warmers are way better then toastie machines we have one and still use the sandwich one

  • N1

    bro does Josh has a brand o clothes by him self or what?

  • Sydney McweeBourne
    Sydney McweeBourne

    why do we have the same giraffe picture 💀💀💀9:56

  • Josh B
    Josh B

    Top tip Butter the outside of your toastie before putting it in the toastie machine. You’re welcome

  • seb lol
    seb lol

    6:02 2 big joshers

  • CrypticFPS

    You drive a GTI or a R? I have an 2017 GTI. Such a sick car

  • Kur0

    6:02 never knew u had a twin

  • Connor J Pennington
    Connor J Pennington

    PRO TIP for toasties - butter the outside the bread when doing it - thank me later

  • Anrui Zhu
    Anrui Zhu

    uhh if any of my chinese buddies wanna correct me the 'pasta' at the end looked like wonton?

  • Storm Bremer
    Storm Bremer

    6:05 what did he sayyy?

  • mozzy756

    These are some sad ass meals !!

  • Umarah Ahmed
    Umarah Ahmed

    Anyone else notice the little transition he did

  • Anannyo Karim
    Anannyo Karim

    did anyone see Josh the second in 6:02

  • Sam Watts
    Sam Watts

    Think you guys should do a day at every member of the sidemens home towns

  • Jodie Blackmore
    Jodie Blackmore

    at 6:01 there is two Josh's

  • Noel Argyelan
    Noel Argyelan

    What yall call Fanta and Coke we in Austria/Germany call Spezi:)

  • Gula Babe
    Gula Babe

    bruh why do harry and ethan have such dead meals?

  • Yash Patel
    Yash Patel

    Al dente means its almost cooked so its the perfect tie to add to a sauce and finish it off.

  • Astatine

    bruh his merch ad made me blind i need to go to spec savers

  • Margot

    '' Oreganooo ''😂😎

  • lewisyates_ 1021
    lewisyates_ 1021

    That’s a lot of pasta in a day 😂

  • lewisyates_ 1021
    lewisyates_ 1021

    9:52 who remembers in primary care pasta cheese and beans in a tub think at lunch times

  • Josh Jackson
    Josh Jackson

    6:02 ??

  • Fonetiker

    Glutenfree is not more healthy . . .

  • Romeo

    How us this a challenge? 😆

  • detonic games
    detonic games

    the fact that i'm american but yet hate what americans do lol

    • detonic games
      detonic games

      @SirStupid II idk

    • SirStupid II
      SirStupid II

      …is this suitable here…?

  • WillYoungster


  • BadMan BigMan
    BadMan BigMan

    why was there 2 of him 6:00

  • Anmol Rout
    Anmol Rout

    FUCKING USE YOUR RIGHT HAND 😭😭😭😭😭........ (If this sounds offensive I'm really sorry. I am a big fan of Zerkaa and I'm already coping with the fact that Freya is also left handed....ummmmmm)

  • jake dobson
    jake dobson

    I can’t believe you don’t butter the outside of your toasties

  • MustuhFN

    golden fork hellooooooo millions being made

  • Enrico Prazzoli
    Enrico Prazzoli

    As an Italian I’m glad he didn’t put the pasta in before the water boiled

  • Clouded Eyes
    Clouded Eyes

    You know josh is boujee with his goldware

  • Esther

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  • tahlia bowcock
    tahlia bowcock

    er does josh have a twin at 6:02

  • Matthew Herron
    Matthew Herron

    Making them all then eating them one after an other would of been a better challenge

  • chloe k
    chloe k

    6:02 why are there two joshes someone tell me i'm not crazy

  • A Wispy Cloud
    A Wispy Cloud

    The frube reminded me when I use to put them in the freezer and the day after you put them in their like an ice pop I still stand by it

  • Jon Kristian Kveli
    Jon Kristian Kveli

    Harrys beanpasta is close to smth im used to from childhood, we used grounded meat in it aswell

  • Frog

    this video is just josh violating ethan😂😂

  • Pete R
    Pete R

    Pause it at 6:02 and you'll see Zerkka has a twin brother

  • Spectriz

    15:31 He mistook Ethan's dad for Simon

  • Nebiyu Bekele
    Nebiyu Bekele

    I love josh man

  • Jyark

    Should do a calorie challenge only using sidemen book

  • Vivek R Nambiar
    Vivek R Nambiar

    oi wait am i tripping or did i see 2 joshes at 6:01

  • Marcorius Shehata
    Marcorius Shehata

    that is a panini press, not a toastie machine. So uncultured smh :(

  • Cathal Loughlin
    Cathal Loughlin

    Ah the good days. When behzinga wasnt a cocky twat

  • Roni Korkmaz
    Roni Korkmaz

    ahahahahha Have u guys realised that all the pasta meals are from the "white" members

  • Kyle Mcc67
    Kyle Mcc67


  • frederico

    Ay Josh man this vids a banger

  • Paul Dunstan
    Paul Dunstan

    Is al dente an Essex phrase?

  • Georgina Robinson
    Georgina Robinson

    We need more cooking videos

  • con geo
    con geo

    Yay I'm the 50k like!

  • Jullezz T
    Jullezz T

    Man like Josh whippin in the golf gti

  • zDxcky

    Fanta and coke is a literal drink in germany. its called Spezi

  • Rasmus Helin
    Rasmus Helin

    6:10 josh turned into tobi for a sec there. '' OH MY GOD'', IT SOUNDED JUST LIKE TOBI

  • darren jamieson
    darren jamieson

    Ever tried holding you're nose and saying, "Thats the way to do it"?

  • Sonny Star
    Sonny Star

    Ummm 6:02 🤔

  • jawed


  • David Drinkwine
    David Drinkwine

    Why always the little jabs towards Americans??

  • cj mcglashan
    cj mcglashan

    Literally tried the coke mixed orange was actually nice 👍

  • Rhys

    still got the book from when i met you all on tour

  • Fade Clan
    Fade Clan

    6:00 lmao

  • Josh Hamilton
    Josh Hamilton

    I couldn’t tell if my phone was lagging or the video editing was bad during tobys meal

  • MiniCP

    frozen frube is undefeated tho

  • Soy Saucing
    Soy Saucing

    Its still crazy to me he knows who chris smoove is with that splaaaassshhh reference

  • Soy Saucing
    Soy Saucing

    Why did ethans pasta not have cheese 💀

  • HNRY

    Flavour there’s no flavour Me: not this again😂

  • BERd THe NeRd
    BERd THe NeRd

    Josh plz clean ur countertop. I fell dirty just looking at it