How I Planned The Sidemen $10,000 vs $100 Hotel Video
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  • Jonathan Hernandez
    Jonathan Hernandez

    You know the greatest thing to do would simply be to use a different wheel. Maybe try that lol.

  • Jasmijn

    Maybe you could use a real wheel next time instead of the app👀

  • DoC_r0aSt

    13:07 zerkaa be like budget tion wayne

  • Armino

    You should give them a Trip to Bosnia🤣🤣🤣

  • Lewis Brown
    Lewis Brown

    17:28 I can hear that picture😂😂

  • Ayano Akamine
    Ayano Akamine

    Josh mixed up the prices on the thumbnail

  • Vincent Williams
    Vincent Williams

    Josh the first time that Ethan and Jj were on the same team was in the road trip video

  • Shashwat Rathore
    Shashwat Rathore

    In the next video give the make-up plan to Simon and be in one of the teams yourself for the best or the worst but for relaxation.

  • Zoro saif Roronoa
    Zoro saif Roronoa

    We all know that you hate Ethan

  • greatslumber

    I find it funny when Ethan's on the bad team

  • Giso

    Zerkaa pls change it the wheel for it to do a similar thing on camera goes to show it’s fucked

  • Natasha Fletcher
    Natasha Fletcher

    I remember you saying a few weeks ago that you never want Ethan on the good team as his reactions make good content

  • Lewis Marshall
    Lewis Marshall

    Sidemen 10000 vs 100 euros one team in box in stadium and one team go’s public pubs with 100 pound

  • Shaun Nestfield
    Shaun Nestfield

    Please when you put Behz on the good team please make sure it’s the holiday please

  • TransportFan2003

    For the next sidemen video send the bad team to a haven holidays site as it is not the worst but it won't be as bad as both the cheap hotels

  • Nour Fayyad
    Nour Fayyad

    you should do a sidemen 10000 vs 100 where only ethan is on the good team

  • clarence

    Im still so proud of you, ethan, and jj for the big glow up, yall lost mad weight and are looking fresh af now

  • Ruby Borg
    Ruby Borg

    josh content recently has been amazing no ones telling me any different

  • Beinerth Chitiva Machado
    Beinerth Chitiva Machado

    You're a KING, BIG JOSHER!!!!

  • tate anderson
    tate anderson

    “Last minute”

  • Wolf

    You know that Harry's gonna fuck up Lithuania

  • Samina Sohail
    Samina Sohail

    Please don't spoil the fun in the thumbnail

  • Ger Man
    Ger Man


  • Tanishq Kumar
    Tanishq Kumar

    use some alternative for the wheel next time pls!

  • TheRestlessrogue

    but big question is josh the type of guy to end up doing a switch when ethan is on the good team xD

  • H4vier

    Basically if we stop watching the food videos Josh will never get phat


    Josh you can use a different wheel 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Clipz_FN26

    You should do the bad team fist and maybe Ethan will get the good team

  • Hmm

    Ethan need an exorcism because he's always so unlucky

  • Noah Willems
    Noah Willems

    I thought this would have been the thursday vid... but it's redditt...huh..

  • Wini Zaha
    Wini Zaha


  • Nathan Bernal
    Nathan Bernal

    I just subbed pap

  • Can i get 1 Sub
    Can i get 1 Sub

    *I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life...*

  • Negeya

    Ethan alone on the good team whilst the rest are on the bad team would be mental switch up

  • Matthew Faraone
    Matthew Faraone

    The content sidemen is doing with good and bad teams are no longer entertaining because everyone shits on Ethan in the videos

  • Ciaran Matthews
    Ciaran Matthews

    Next $10000 vs $100 .... let the boys pick what team they are by letting them pick cards out of a hat so they can't abuse u for cheating

  • James Varty
    James Varty

    Have your well earned break we don’t want the GOAT burning out

  • Juicer

    Its crazy how well Josh is doing on Twitch. Keep it up.

  • WhyMe

    Just a suggestion. Don't put the teams in the thumbnail as it spoils the surprise of who is in what team and whether there's a switch

  • Eddie Robertson
    Eddie Robertson

    Josh getting 10,000 £5 subs-he getting payed £50,000 a month! Secure the bag My friend

  • Minibull

    You want to put Ethan on the good side, when its a mega episode to make up for it.

  • Minibull

    Don’t be a fool vote for Abdul!

  • Gentlepeeps

    Might actually start jumping on his streams

  • the passionate being
    the passionate being

    just pick the names physically next time

  • iam,not

    Do drug dealer simulator

  • Dawood Khaleeq
    Dawood Khaleeq

    If that wheel is broken, maybe you could pick names out of a hat or something for the good and bad teams.

  • Patko Gadzo
    Patko Gadzo

    thats sad that ethan is always on the bad team. hope he gets the best ever time in the future of the sidrmen sunday

  • Soup 'O' Anchovies
    Soup 'O' Anchovies

    How about instead of good team and bad team you say bad team and good team

  • Rehan Saied
    Rehan Saied

    Bro Next time put Ethan in the rich team. Last one hit him harrrdd.


    if the award vid happens for pro clubs EVERYONE VOTE VIK for everything

  • Jordan Green
    Jordan Green

    Josh is such a goat

  • Liquid Gas
    Liquid Gas

    Well earned break!

  • Nevan Douglas
    Nevan Douglas

    The wheel makes it so someone has double the chance if the space is empty. It’s so messed up

  • AjaySlayz

    Zerkaa: It was with those boots that I got a sick free kick shot. Also Zerkaa: hits the ball over his head

  • Connor McGregor
    Connor McGregor


  • Jim

    Sidemen £100 cruise vs £10000 cruise

  • Romey Bradbury
    Romey Bradbury

    anyone else think that jjs outfit in sidemen sunday was just amazing. to me it’s just so sick

  • Paris H
    Paris H

    I would like to see you actually the one getting the 100 or 10000 hotel or vacation and let Ethan plan it all


    Yo imagine Harry KSI and Ethan in the same team. Imagine all the jokes

  • RH - 10ZZ 714401 Castlebrooke SS
    RH - 10ZZ 714401 Castlebrooke SS

    I feel like the spinner is rigged and unfair

  • Danny

    Big josher with another banger...

  • Siddarth Jain
    Siddarth Jain

    zerkaa just take this 👑

  • Danny

    13:03 AYO! This is hard! common!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith

    You should have made a rule that a person can't go in the bad team after loosing for more than 3 times 😤😤😤

  • Josh Ryan
    Josh Ryan

    got a feeling the wheel will mess ethan over one more time then he gunna get a great one

  • RTzeexy

    Well you guys live in London that doesnt help I know there is a big chancs to get reconized anywhere now but pewdiepie said that he doesnt get reconized that often and he lives in a smaller city in uk

  • Maroofio

    *Hope Ethan always gets mudded, it's great content*

  • NicebutDim

    25000 a month from subs GG

  • Thivarshan Govender
    Thivarshan Govender

    Josh should do a $1000 vs $10000 holiday so the bad team think they are in the good team until they meet up with the good team

  • big man budd
    big man budd

    I wish you will reply to your emails

  • Kublix

    you should assign random numbers to all sidemen everytime then you should do it based on numbers not based on names as it doesnt work

  • Pc Dave
    Pc Dave

    I hope this whole Ethan on the bad team thing is a running joke and they’re purposely doing it every time. But I actually believe josh when he says it’s not planned

    • Krahs 05
      Krahs 05

      I hope its not a running joke and he genuinely is just unlucky, cause if they're doing it on purpose that's quite a cruel joke

  • Ekeng Jr
    Ekeng Jr

    70 grand a night? Jeez!

  • Tom 4444
    Tom 4444

    All this effort people put in for josh to not reward them and then rip their content to make money off. Joke of you people

  • Kevin Pique
    Kevin Pique

    wheels broken

  • Jevon Andros
    Jevon Andros

    big up josh. man actually do planning with commitment, what the wheel show first time that what he showed to the boys and to us fans. a lot of content creator are faking things nowadays, josh can easily create another video and try to get ethan on the good team. but hes not doing it cause its not a fake video.

  • Braviouss

    I did the drawings at 16:54. Thank you everybody for upvoting the post. I really appreciate it!

    • Braviouss

      @Heavy Papa thank you

    • Heavy Papa
      Heavy Papa

      You a legend bro👑 Keep it up you’re doing awesome

  • Goat

    Would create teams but not say who's in the good and who's on the bad then select one person from each team to pick the cards(they have to be the same amount) so practically you choose your own fate.

  • strqx on acid
    strqx on acid

    New video idea. $10,000 vs $100 yacht

  • BaRaa

    I mean.. it’s not that serious, you can finesse it. give it to Ethan.

  • Aditya Jadhav
    Aditya Jadhav

    tbf i was annoyed after watching the latest sidemen sunday. but big ups to josh for recording this. much appreciated.

  • Louca Georgiou
    Louca Georgiou

    always a banger

  • Vilhelmix

    Will you continue the drug dealer simulator. WE really enjoyed the series!!

  • Genghis khan
    Genghis khan

    ethan needs to stay in the bad team

  • Didi

    Nowadays it aint a flex to claim you have more subs that Ninja, Josh ahahah

  • Denilson Bowen
    Denilson Bowen

    I say try doing bad team first instead of good team first. I bet Ethan will still end up on the bad team cuz the wheel just hates him ;(

  • Ronky Donkey
    Ronky Donkey

    You should come to Whitchurch

  • Henry Perera
    Henry Perera

    anyone realise the keep going going song was in one of their old gta gameplay

  • Quinixity ll
    Quinixity ll

    What wheel does he use??

  • Mohamad Ali
    Mohamad Ali

    Change the fucking wheeeeel

  • Mac Carr
    Mac Carr

    Feel sorry for the ethan

  • Jackbox Gaming
    Jackbox Gaming

    Why cant people see it's a running thing that ethan is on the losing team, they dont even show the wheel sp they could easily put him on the winning team....yet again lying to the subscribers.

  • Sean McGinnis
    Sean McGinnis

    Pick the names from a hat next time, guarantee ethans on the good team

  • Danish Smith
    Danish Smith

    What's the wheel app called ?

  • 1Deag Wonder
    1Deag Wonder

    Didnt much enjoy this vs video

  • RandomGamingClips

    Josh is so smart this guy put sidemen in the title knowing it will get views than put SO MANY ADS

  • Recn

    I like it when Josh said, " ethan deserves his time, and receive special treatment".

  • Tenzin Lhadon
    Tenzin Lhadon

    Yes these three lol Harry JJ and Ethen together team in prison please others in god damn heaven

  • Tristan Weideman
    Tristan Weideman

    Is anyone gonna tell Josh that the “Keep it going” joke started in one of Simon’s Golf-It videos named “The glasses give me power!” ?

  • Leo Messi
    Leo Messi

    this guy would do anything to put sidemen ksi or w2s in the title