Exposing Our Big Secret
Someone asked Lauren Alexis to reveal our secret...
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Song Name: Fire
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Album: Shystie: Blue Magic
Producer: Elicit

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  • ellis clark
    ellis clark

    Stop click baiting me with tits zerka, you’re better than this

  • Bobby Sadd
    Bobby Sadd

    I want mark goldbridge to play in the charity match

  • Александар Васиљевић
    Александар Васиљевић

    8:37 you cant not see it

  • AusSpurs

    Charity Game Seven Sidemen ChrisMD Chunkz Filly Harry Niko Stephen Tries WillNE Joe Weller Malfoy Spencer Callux Freezy Randolph Gib JME TommyInnit Wilbur Plus US reps MrBeast and a few of his crew Logan Paul Mike

  • Okami-Rose

    Eboys? Who's that?

  • Tristan Ray
    Tristan Ray


  • Jack The Blue Jaffa
    Jack The Blue Jaffa

    Pewdiepie or jacksepticeye in next charity match?

  • Albert Manktelow
    Albert Manktelow

    Sidemen and the troops vs E boys and Beta squad for charity match ???

  • George Bloyce
    George Bloyce

    Niko should be in the match

  • Golderlight Gaming
    Golderlight Gaming

    How to get poplar - make the sidemen become lords lol

  • Ryan Reynolds
    Ryan Reynolds

    Make a video with all the sidemen “reacting to my Reddit”

  • SamPlayzGames

    Phil’s gotta be in the charity match

  • Arthur Garcia
    Arthur Garcia

    Why not show us the whole bathroom, hhhhmmmmmm seems sus

  • Birtyy95

    Sp33dy always says he wants to play in your charity match if you do another!!

  • Ryan Carson
    Ryan Carson

    ollie ball in the next sidemen charity match

  • cotam

    Bruh if dude perfect are gunna play they will be throwing the ball from the top of the stands and bicycle kicking it to the goal

  • Charlotte Boyy
    Charlotte Boyy


  • Sami Moha
    Sami Moha

    The Ethan’s revenge I think his hand is in his pocket


    Ollie ball has to play in the next charity match.

  • Jacks.

    Jesus is the only lord

  • Kian Dent
    Kian Dent

    Sidemen vs beta squad

  • 1 1
    1 1

    Ravens at 30k now

  • Jacob Clough
    Jacob Clough

    Do a go cart sidemen video

  • XepsY

    Josh should do a collab with zerka. Would be insane

  • Spencer Emu Campbell
    Spencer Emu Campbell

    Tommyinnit but put him with jj the whole time

  • Kasper Cosgrove
    Kasper Cosgrove

    Reddit huh

  • My Dad Is Invisible
    My Dad Is Invisible

    Never thought I'd see DashieGames in a Zerkaa Thursday vid

  • Thaniyah Ajam-Begg
    Thaniyah Ajam-Begg

    josh's reaction when he said "i always forget" to freya saying "it's like he cant do it" is so cute and pure!!! love. so cute I rewatched his facial expression so many times (18:11)

  • Yaroslav Petrashko
    Yaroslav Petrashko


  • Lord Bruh
    Lord Bruh


  • Jay Sutton
    Jay Sutton

    How does josh know Lauren alexis?

  • sidiq barakzai
    sidiq barakzai

    I wanna give more than this... Give him an award

    • RavenTL

      oh don't worry, he sent around 5k people to my channel. But to me, the biggest award is simply his reaction. I actually love to see people reacting to my stuff, doesn't matter how big they are

  • Cody Laing
    Cody Laing

    Anyone else notice Kons face in the mountain at 3:32 with the headset haircut lmao

  • SBC Solutions
    SBC Solutions

    Harry Hesketh needs to be in the next charity match

  • Callum Stephens
    Callum Stephens

    ISnets vs tiktok charity football match w. Ollie Ball, Cal the dragon, etc...

  • zul_effy

    Get everyone to get the XIX tatted on... a legacy like no other it has becomed 🙌🏼 GOATssss

  • Royal Brawler
    Royal Brawler

    BIG JOSHER - IF YOU SEE THIS - SOME IDEAS FOR GETTING MORE SUBS - 1) Dont have a scheduled type of vid on monday and thursday. like post on monday and thursday but dont guarantee it will be a reddit or a zerkaa thursday. try to hit us with the unexpected. 2) when you make reddit vids, make them like this. 3) do outdoors challenges - like even just crossbar challenge or smth new like idk Snowboarding. those would be fun and you would be able to do it even during covid im p sure

  • Royal Brawler
    Royal Brawler

    This reddit vid hit different than Josh's past ones! Enjoyed it a lot this time!!

  • Blayne Gordon
    Blayne Gordon

    All 7 of you should become lords, try to get the land that you buy next to each others and put a XIX statue there

  • Charlotte Payne
    Charlotte Payne

    Get some ZRK hats out there and then it would be a literal ZRK on ya head top🤷‍♀️😂

  • Will Loosley
    Will Loosley

    Dude Perfect don't play football

  • Kai Dimery
    Kai Dimery

    Get Jake Paul in the charity match, so Willne can do the tackle that he did to Ricegum and break Jakes leg

  • connor atkinson
    connor atkinson

    We will know Josh will have more of a buzz on each recording We will know

  • Airlessmean

    at 8:40 i thought that was randolph haha

  • surekha sivaraman
    surekha sivaraman

    Now i am unsubscribing from you, one or 4 clickbaits are understandable but all the videos? Thats cheap from a youtuber who has 4 million subs 😡

  • jdwallace23

    4:15 😂😂😂 instead of a dnf Vikk got a tbfho 🤣 aka 'to be fair though'

  • William Blackwell
    William Blackwell

    lady freya lookin' kinda peng innit

  • Žiga Škrjanec
    Žiga Škrjanec

    Faze clan should be in the charity match

  • aarush

    Click vs sdmn charity match would be fire.

  • hussain -Ma06
    hussain -Ma06

    Queen Elizabeth in the next match

  • Audil Safi
    Audil Safi

    You screaming MIIIIIIIIILL and a sound box to match when she squeezes it!!!

  • gentlemen ghost
    gentlemen ghost

    I didn’t even know the sidemen knew about dashie

  • S.E. 18
    S.E. 18

    Behz lookin Hella sus after this video

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B

    Ethans revenge was funny

  • David Stockwell
    David Stockwell

    If you get on of the stuffed toys with your face on it for Freya you should use the meme face that is everywhere on your reddit instead of a picture of your face

  • Jbomber44

    More sidemen mario kart would bang

  • Ethan Ashton
    Ethan Ashton


  • Alex Smiley
    Alex Smiley

    Pewdiepie should be in the next Sidemen football charity match!

  • Filipe Mendes
    Filipe Mendes

    I think the F2 should play In the charity match

  • Dejauno Williams
    Dejauno Williams

    Wtf is with the sidemen and lauren alexis

  • Leo Messi
    Leo Messi

    can someone who’s wasted they’re time and watched the whole video let me know in which minute is the “secret”

  • Luca1978

    ollie ball has to play in the charity mstch

  • Dillan

    Zektric is amazing highlight of the video

  • Bazar

    Mr beast on left wing

  • Mohammed javed
    Mohammed javed

    Your mom

  • Bailey Knox Hern
    Bailey Knox Hern

    Have a great day

  • hannah chave
    hannah chave


  • eekling


  • Zakk Coopey
    Zakk Coopey


  • Lou Payne
    Lou Payne

    Josh acting like a kid is cute lol

  • Paul Pogba
    Paul Pogba

    Get spencer in the charity match he’s an og legend and started the Wembley cup

  • Vlad Voiculet
    Vlad Voiculet

    For the charity match, if you want VIEWS and a new audience, try to do tiktokers vs youtubers

  • Jacob Alford
    Jacob Alford

    ollie ball sidemen charity match

  • Yung Mogli
    Yung Mogli

    Sidemen Vs Faze charity match

  • Yung Mogli
    Yung Mogli

    Harry's spell was " I got touched as a kid"

  • Krishi Anatah
    Krishi Anatah

    The only white lorde

  • Roman Agha
    Roman Agha

    Get logan paul in the charity match

  • Shay Davidpour
    Shay Davidpour

    I love the fact that JJ boost noise was his laugh

  • axaviersan

    josh should get that XIX tattoo once he hits 5 million, that'll be the goal, maybe?

  • thano

    Poet and Vuj have to play in the charity match. All the OG dons.

  • Keshav Raichura
    Keshav Raichura

    Lol trending for gaming

  • Ellamaryturnninge_ 21
    Ellamaryturnninge_ 21

    Haven’t watched it but ik it’s a Reddit Monday , am I right?

  • ZahidA3

    15:21 for lauren part

  • Disturbed Waters
    Disturbed Waters

    Schrodinger's threesome: until confirmation is given, the threesome both did and didn't happen

  • Noodle Sage
    Noodle Sage

    Sidemen becoming lords. Class

  • MiniCP

    i wanna be in the next match :(

  • The Woo
    The Woo

    Pieface has to play in the charity match

  • Venuja Gunaratna
    Venuja Gunaratna

    Beta squad for charity match

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster

    Does anyone know where zerkka got his weights from ? Be good to get some which isn’t a dodgy place from online hope someone can help

  • Godwin Alema
    Godwin Alema

    where the fuck is the secret (WTF) clickbait is not cool 5 videos with clickbait a not cool i will watch video without clickbait there a better than this stop with the clickbait no offence

  • Pierry Henry
    Pierry Henry

    REEV has to play, he was immense in the second game. He'd make it interesting

  • Cooper Cabot
    Cooper Cabot

    Use whiteboard drawing for pillow

  • Jack Webster
    Jack Webster

    Tiktok vs ISnetsrs charity match have ollie ball in it

  • Peter Davis
    Peter Davis

    Imagine Tommyinit at a charity match

  • Noah Willems
    Noah Willems

    12:22 to be fair tho- we can’t understand half the words Josh says cause he speaks so quickly lmao

  • Josh Parkinson
    Josh Parkinson

    Didnt see you at the josh fight.

  • Vike1

    Will josh participate in the josh fight?

  • Matthew Dick
    Matthew Dick

    If you do another charity match you have to invite KYR SPEEDY!!!!!!

  • blitz shirkouhi
    blitz shirkouhi

    he missed raven TL's easter egg of kons shaved head

  • yoonamurders

    im actually gonna unsuscribe because his clickbait has become so cringe

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