We Became Parents For 24 Hours Challenge!
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This Zerkaa Thursday we recreated an old school Sidemen Sunday where we Become Parents For 24 Hours!

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Song Name: Fire
Artists: Shystie feat. Jme \u0026 Double S
Album: Shystie: Blue Magic
Producer: Elicit

Shystie: twitter.com/iamshystie
Jme: twitter.com/JmeBBK
Double S : twitter.com/doubleSmusician
Elicit: twitter.com/ThisIsElicit


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    17:20 i feel like josh want o say imme yo phone blood

  • Random Dave
    Random Dave

    this is the tour bus all over again

  • FOHeming


  • Blockdreamer

    0:15 You didn’t answer.... sus

  • Kian Bozorgmir
    Kian Bozorgmir

    Why didn’t they have masks?

  • Cameron Vernon
    Cameron Vernon

    It's just the sidemen, they are bad influences for parent hood. It went so well up until the sidemen shoot. 😆🤣

  • The_Hell _Inc
    The_Hell _Inc

    Bruh did he say hes been with Freya for 10 years and he hasnt proposed yet

  • Beinerth Chitiva Machado
    Beinerth Chitiva Machado

    Dope video but the editing was HORRENDOUS. Like 5 cuts per second at some points, WTF?

  • Aryan Mehra
    Aryan Mehra

    youtube be like child endangerment. video demonetized

  • The Mad Dog
    The Mad Dog

    3:51 pmsl at the Hangover reference XD

  • Fikri Fikri
    Fikri Fikri

    3:10 man turned into darth Vader

  • Her Sunflower
    Her Sunflower

    Child abuse

  • Salman Afzal
    Salman Afzal

    harry ruind the whole vid

  • Karl Kinsley
    Karl Kinsley

    15:57 MIIILLL

  • Karl Kinsley
    Karl Kinsley

    15:54 to 15:58 had me in tears 😂

  • • -
    • -

    Rumour is he then threw the baby of a bridge

  • Ryan Reynolds
    Ryan Reynolds

    Can I use express vpn on my phone? For Netflix ?

  • Ryan Reynolds
    Ryan Reynolds

    It’s crazy how you have to put a disclaimer on this video like you actually harm children ffs

  • Chris Yide
    Chris Yide

    Harry w2s

  • J T
    J T

    "Thank you for Express VPN for sponsoring this video!" *beats the everliving shit out of a baby in the video*

  • RannyDanny

    How many subs can I get from this comment : Currently: 14😔

  • Brian theSnail
    Brian theSnail

    I remember coming home through central London in a black cab taxi with our new baby son in his carry cot on the floor of the taxi. I looked down and suddenly it hit me "OMG! Somebody has let us take a baby home without telling is what to do with it!. Our son asked me about 8 years later "Dad, did anyone give you training before you took me home?". He was amazed anyone is allowed to have charge of a defenseless totally dependent human with no expert training. He is 21 now so he lived.

  • AngryBlu 766
    AngryBlu 766

    My heart skipped a beat when I joined the stream and saw a baby.

  • Olav Eiksund Sæthre
    Olav Eiksund Sæthre

    What did he say at 5:03?

  • Ben Lee
    Ben Lee


  • Liam McMillen
    Liam McMillen

    It all went bad when Harry took him out of Josh’s arms. This is why Harry shouldn’t have children.

  • J.Cordrey 03
    J.Cordrey 03

    Of course Ethan would do that 😂😂😂

  • aspergers g.
    aspergers g.

    Freya and josh can adopt me please would love to have them as parents

  • Zedja

    I just had a thought... This might kickstart feelings of having a real baby or make them not want to have a baby ever. But once again it showed Ethan and Harry should never have kids. Harry has poor impulse control, Ethan has rage issues and neither of them have the patience to do anything that doesn't give them immediate results.

  • lillakieah

    SMH josh so easily peer pressured 🤣🤣

  • Mystery Panda
    Mystery Panda

    Knuddelwutch? 😂 How cute...

  • Freya Robbins
    Freya Robbins

    Kon looks PENG with that buzz cut 🤤

  • AlexIsFye

    josh im disappointed you didnt treat baby me well [my real names Alexander]

  • Gargar

    welp at least we know tobi is gonna be a good dad

  • Arulraj Selliah
    Arulraj Selliah

    Watch the video get taken down by ISnets for “child endangerment” 😂

  • Sanjith.k


  • The Ifeolu
    The Ifeolu

    until this baby come alive 😂 😂

  • Jamel Grant
    Jamel Grant

    I know i use express vpn and used the sidemen code

  • Alextheunit47

    Normal people: my child had broccoli for dinner Josh : my child had batteries for dinner

  • Alisha Livesey
    Alisha Livesey

    U should have shown mummy what uncle harry and uncle Ethan did to u Alex

  • xFlowzy

    12:51 has me dead i dont know why hahaha

  • Jace Gilbert
    Jace Gilbert

    Josh makes the best videos ngl

  • Jamie Boler
    Jamie Boler

    Why does Tobi’s coat look like he’s Inspector Goole from An Inspector Calls

  • RandomGamer

    That's why you can't have nice things infront of yo boys XD

  • bitesizephoenix

    We all just going to ignore Kon's dodgy beard?? Shaven face with a neck beard is NOT a look

  • ya gyally trish
    ya gyally trish

    anyone loving how natural kon looks with a baby

  • Flozy

    They were so right to definitely never give the baby to Harry... Harry and Ethan can never be trusted with a fake baby poor Alexander the fake baby 😩

  • Nihan Choudhury
    Nihan Choudhury

    Josh in his 40's gossipping to a random guy in the café: yeah uh, my child was thrown at a wall by his uncle you know.

  • Sean Lau
    Sean Lau

    the baby says shut the fuck up

  • Conner Llunn
    Conner Llunn

    Tf was that video

  • DekoEst

    Harry and Ethan are gonna be very interesting uncles when the boys get kids

  • BungleBonce

    2:14 to skip the ad

  • Franklin Gomez
    Franklin Gomez

    16:55 You're Welcome

  • Arham Miah
    Arham Miah

    Zerkaa planning moves

  • Raggedharmony

    josh doing ASMR videos when he has a kid

  • ShanRose

    the Hangover reference tho

  • Jamal Waqar
    Jamal Waqar


  • Assaulter Bruh
    Assaulter Bruh

    So basically josh bought a baby online 😳

  • Helene Star
    Helene Star

    Freya is a whole mood in this video. honestly same girl that thing is freaking me out

  • xLegendx921

    Kon’s hair is growing faster than the Fatneek’s hair lmao

  • Libby

    The stream did tell you to keep him from Harry 😂

  • The Welsh Titan
    The Welsh Titan

    Josh: Meet Alexander Sidemen: I'm about to end this mans entire career

  • Red Bird
    Red Bird

    🧢 👉🤨👈

  • Billy1164

    does freya not need to breastfeed?

  • Jess P
    Jess P

    This video really brought out the sideguys true colours🤣🤣

  • Ragey McRage
    Ragey McRage

    This is crazy, I just watched sidmen being parents yesterday whilst I was wating for my covid test.

  • Aatif Mehmood
    Aatif Mehmood

    yes m8te, when hes older hes gonna eat a lot of meat!!! LOOOOOOLLLLL XDXDXD

  • Nevin Hattle
    Nevin Hattle

    Never have kids my bro

  • sksksks sksksks
    sksksks sksksks

    Tobi just stupid he think he so cool acting nice he the type of guy that steal people gf cuz he black

  • sam uel
    sam uel

    Man really had to put a disclaimer 😄

  • scout

    Anyone thought of erobb when josh said lazy eye lol

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith

    People watching beat a baby

  • Francisco Ribeiro
    Francisco Ribeiro

    KSI next video in a few months

  • Jaro de jong
    Jaro de jong


  • Jaro de jong
    Jaro de jong

    When you have to proof to your girl your responsible and then cant be botherd anymore


    10 years damm nowadays 3month is seen as decent

  • B B
    B B

    Josh not getting another sponsorship with the old baby company

  • Dragons 321
    Dragons 321

    Moral if you get a kid: don't let Ethan, Harry and tobi is kind

  • erikcel rojas
    erikcel rojas

    Bruh y u shake a lot

  • AlphaBlade01

    "Uncle vikk" sounds dodgy

  • vivek sharma
    vivek sharma

    Josh: "Oh no, what did they do to you" Also Josh: *Yeets his child*

  • One Minute Vlogger
    One Minute Vlogger

    I’m feeling kinda Macho at the end of the video

  • One Minute Vlogger
    One Minute Vlogger

    Just happy to be here

  • One Minute Vlogger
    One Minute Vlogger

    Great Vid Dad!

  • Amal Joe Sojan
    Amal Joe Sojan

    There is some weird story behind this video

  • The plebeson
    The plebeson

    Is it just me or does anyone else think JJ would be a really good dad. He is such a softie on the inside 🥺😂

  • Michael Orellana
    Michael Orellana

    Ayo why my man got Keemstars child with him??

  • shanny fanny
    shanny fanny

    love how the baby is ok all day untill the rest of the sidemen just assault him

  • Saitama

    This is their parenting training for when they have a kid

  • Charlie Bittel
    Charlie Bittel

    If only they mentioned the real reason people use vpns

  • whuissarah `
    whuissarah `

    Alexander has a great beard. Ksi could never

  • Arjun P.S
    Arjun P.S

    Ethan running over the baby was the best part

  • Wilson K
    Wilson K

    You know just from the disclaimer in the beginning... The fake baby gon be dead


    Josh's like logan, when hes with the sidemen his iq falls😂😂😂

  • Filip Musialek
    Filip Musialek

    You know by reading NO BABOES WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THE VIDEO that something bout a go down

  • JackAndDizzy

    Why does kon look like Rooney skinhead days

  • Jenmark Ramos
    Jenmark Ramos

    Is it just me or is there hella cuts in this vid?

  • Saeed Samoo
    Saeed Samoo

    I'm not Doctor but I Think Alexander Might Have Asthma

  • Ancient Chocolate
    Ancient Chocolate

    imagine your dad friend group just through you around as a kid😂😂 i would laugh

  • Shae

    The ending was the best part