Lauren Alexis Replied To My Girlfriends Message...

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Song Name: Fire
Artists: Shystie feat. Jme \u0026 Double S
Album: Shystie: Blue Magic
Producer: Elicit

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  • Skye Morley
    Skye Morley

    Does anyone know what top he’s wearing

  • James Hodgson
    James Hodgson

    Shave the beard for 5 mill

  • Abigail

    It wasn’t a clickbait title 👏

  • Henry Cooper
    Henry Cooper

    Sidemen fake employee


    We don’t need baba tuned the whole vid but you could just tell him to do it as a challenge for a girl or two

  • Hash Gaming
    Hash Gaming

    No zerkaa Thursday this week

  • Hello There
    Hello There


  • Mike Line
    Mike Line

    Wheres zerkaa Thursday josh

  • Eamon

    No way he actually missed a Zerkaa Thursday..... I thought he was posting late but no

  • mxthe64th

    harry summed up school for us lad. cheers for asking tho

  • Ushdabush 1
    Ushdabush 1

    Where is zerkaa thursday

  • Blayzzplayz

    love you

  • Shinsekai Gakuen
    Shinsekai Gakuen

    That picture of Lauren... lmaooo

    • Shinsekai Gakuen
      Shinsekai Gakuen

      Saucy saucy

  • Blair Lang
    Blair Lang

    Where is the zerkaa Thursday

  • TheOfficialNxvs DB
    TheOfficialNxvs DB

    Deep it, Josh hasn’t legitmeltly missed a week, he missed Thursday twice or 3 times but uploaded still in the same week, and he missed on Thursday because of covid which is understandable

  • Dara Bradley
    Dara Bradley

    Who’s here is when josh actually missed a zerkaa Thursday??

    • wolfman 1965
      wolfman 1965

      Does anyone know why

  • Lowri Jenkins-Scott
    Lowri Jenkins-Scott

    Imagine being in Wales and only being in for one days week but haven't to back till Tuesday

  • James Semaj
    James Semaj

    where's zerkaa thursday? 😭😭

    • Bilaal Sohail
      Bilaal Sohail

      He announced on his twitter that it will be a Zerkaa Friday this week.

  • David Torres
    David Torres

    Calling it now, Josh will lose the tic tac toe game. The reddit guy will go bottom right. Josh needs to go in the center to prevent the other Guy from winning. The Guy goes top right and it’s gg

  • KiWaC BrUh
    KiWaC BrUh


  • UndeadKiller112

    Bit late but.... Year 13, this sucks. Basically only did half of Year 12 and the slim amount of fucks I did have for my A-Levels have all but vanished. Literally only attend for attendance mark. Don't know what's happened in English Lit for the last half a year, haven't touched the coursework for it since last April, Media and Geography are kinda just there, great times.

  • Andrew Curry
    Andrew Curry

    I go to school in America and it’s done by our counties or district. So I’ve been going to school in person since october. And we started virtual in august

  • Kayla Leonardi
    Kayla Leonardi

    i’m already off again because i have covid. i was there for 2 whole days lmao

  • Makha Baloi
    Makha Baloi

    Make certified on your head top your reddit vid intro please 🙏🏽

  • Leonard Hejman
    Leonard Hejman

    School was shit today just like ever other day

  • Amy Robinson
    Amy Robinson

    I’m going back tomorrow its going to be horrible

  • Cx Quantum
    Cx Quantum

    I’ve watched the office 5 times it’s incredible

  • lil s
    lil s

    Petition for Josh to cut his beard off 👇🏽

  • Paradox Ant
    Paradox Ant

    For me school started on the 8th on January

  • XYZ

    am i sensing a 'Sidemen spend £10,000 on' video coming

  • Alex Jamouneau
    Alex Jamouneau

    Bring back Sabakaaaa!!

  • Angelika John
    Angelika John

    bruhhh thats so sweet, josh admited he made a mistake. I would probs jsut look and not tell lol

  • ADF Finch
    ADF Finch

    Do take me out with behzingha or Harry

  • hptrot05

    Honestly I prefer school so much now I missed it your videos helped me out a lot through lockdown and I love your videos your a king

  • Ollie Ireland
    Ollie Ireland

    Josh has already lost the noughts and crosses game, he needed to go in the middle 😅

  • daniella

    6:55 this should be the intro for Zerkaa Thursdays


    Your gunna lose the tic tax toe he’ll go top right then you’ll have to block him and he’ll go bottom right then he has double win :(

  • CMcv

    We need the analytics for the 10M video!

  • Colourful Nothing
    Colourful Nothing

    Yesss do a wish video again for sure! shopping haul vids are my fave especially wish as too scared to order from it myself! haha

  • Aseja

    Freya gives me reily reid vibes

  • Mustafa Awais
    Mustafa Awais

    School was sh*t

  • Gabralinho111

    freya was deffo drunk

  • Shush

    11:23 josh you’ve lost... you went bottom left, all they have to do is go bottom right, which will force you to go mid or they win, then they go top right giving them two chances to win and also blocking your only chance of winning

  • HussMan

    15:01 editor didn't edit the green screen or resize lol

  • R D
    R D

    Hopefully everyone's having a good day

  • Ibrahim Faisal
    Ibrahim Faisal

    Lauren sus

  • xRAzorxDicex

    Josh texting Lauren as Frey like🕴 👩💅📱

  • Loui P
    Loui P

    Stop giving her headlines , she’s not a good person , she gets her chebs out for fivers ...

  • Edit Name
    Edit Name

    In my school we went school today. But I’m going on Friday since we were in Pakistan during the majority of being of so I get 2 extra days of.

  • Paul Holban
    Paul Holban

    Simon needs to also go back to his reddit

  • HobNob7606

    On Sidemen channel you should do 500 vs 10,000 holiday but theres a twist. U tell the sidemen that theres a twist and dont tell them anything else. In reality both sides are being sent to a shit holiday. Also spend most the budget on something stupid like sunglasses.

  • IamScary

    i just ate a watermelon

  • Alex Lynch
    Alex Lynch

    If you ever want to make another Wish video maybe buy things listed as ‘free’ (just pay for shipping) and see what they turn up like.. I always find that hilarious

  • Ola Jo Fagerjord
    Ola Jo Fagerjord

    13:47 Norwegian gang

  • Shazil Khan
    Shazil Khan

    the only reason i see you mukbanks is just you guys chatting like normal friends like i do.

  • Ariz Hussain
    Ariz Hussain

    I am so excited for the sidemen content after lockdown.

  • Jowi Szetu
    Jowi Szetu

    Josh has lost the tik tak toe already

  • Daps R.
    Daps R.


  • Ariz Hussain
    Ariz Hussain

    Instead of babatunde vs 20 woman. Just do KSI vs 20 woman and make him do all of his different characters. (he won't do it because of gf, but still ask him)

  • Ariz Hussain
    Ariz Hussain

    Josh, you didn't get the "lines" reference on Harry's concept kit.

  • Deakin Andrews
    Deakin Andrews

    Nice click bait

  • bluee

    Another 10mil views and josh will shave his beard

  • carson murray
    carson murray

    i love quite a few of the video ideas please look them over

  • Yeet Ur meat
    Yeet Ur meat

    I went back to school and got sent home cause someone I sat near tested positive

  • Kyle Parker
    Kyle Parker


  • Mu$

    POV: You came thinking Josh is celebrating his first 10m viewed vid

  • Okerzaki

    Honestly, Josh gotta chill with these clickbaits.

  • Kyle Parker
    Kyle Parker

    That thumb nail be like

  • Roma MN
    Roma MN

    School was terrible, we had to wear masks the whole time

  • Amanda Gereda
    Amanda Gereda

    Look at you shine you diamond

  • Ethan Eicher
    Ethan Eicher

    Josh without a beard looks like run the fut market

  • UzzyT

    Who edited this? Struggled at points.

  • Alvaro Castellanos
    Alvaro Castellanos

    School was great imma be real, i started on the 1st of March and its 2 days in school and 3 days in our homes, and ive been loving every second being back in the building.

  • Symere Wxxds
    Symere Wxxds

    she aint the only big booty white girl in london cause goddamn yall act like it

  • Scott Coggan
    Scott Coggan

    Never shave off your beard

  • Nathan Holmes
    Nathan Holmes

    I'm sorry Josh but you've lost tic tac toe. It will end like this: O | | O | X | X | | O

  • Erik and Gio's Podcast
    Erik and Gio's Podcast

    I think a great video would be 20vs1 where every girl jj has to do a different character

  • Samuelo

    Ethan punching the air rn 😤😤😤

  • Seth V
    Seth V

    Everyone loves the mukbangs because we miss the sidemen podcast

  • Clibbo D.S.C.
    Clibbo D.S.C.

    you messed up o has won already heres how Below (SPOILER ALERT) O / / / / / / O / / / / X/ / O/ / / / X/ /O O/ / /X/ X/ /O O/ /O /X/ X/ /O O/ /O /X/X X/ /O O/O/O /X/x X/ /O O/X/O /X/O X/ /O

  • Lewis_ 9442
    Lewis_ 9442

    Im finishing yr 11 and the last full year i did in school was yr 9

  • greamreapaar

    ghez this guy fr... 🤦‍♂️

  • soljah2004

    Boys ive had online college this whole time and I’ve actually flopped my business course 😂

  • Debe Osakwe
    Debe Osakwe

    Serve the meals to all the sidemen and get their reactions

  • Jarvo 2006
    Jarvo 2006

    10milgang🥳🥳 W’s

  • Egg Boi
    Egg Boi

    I went to school ... everyone was wearing a mask ... and

  • Callum Mooney
    Callum Mooney

    Your should do mystery box videos like sneakers clothes or other stuff 🙏🏽

  • fnharley159

    It was terrible my school made everyone have to wear a mask and you’re not allowed to take it off whilst in school I feel like I can’t breath mostly 😔

  • Saoirse

    Video idea- sideman become mermaids

  • jaryd12345

    That headtop song deffo one to use as pre-stream loop

  • ZRRZGaming

    I have a sidemen idea that u guys can do. U guys can do Sidemen go to the race track Sidemen go drifting Sidemen build a car

  • _millar_o__

    Mukbangs are great it’s just then talking and it’s so funny

  • Sam Harder
    Sam Harder

    Josh already lost tic tac toe

  • Enriqueh Hernandez
    Enriqueh Hernandez

    I’m in week 6 now I live in Australia

  • Abdullah 2460
    Abdullah 2460

    Lol 😂

  • CYB

    Josh I see what ur doing, adding Lauren's name to the title for the Simps and the photo for attention I like that

  • Tate I.
    Tate I.

    Josh saying if seeing babatunde for a whole sidemen sunday Me: I could watched babatunde for 24 hours straight

  • Luke Baker
    Luke Baker

    Well we knew you was using this for a title 😅😅

  • Povilas

    No one gonna talk about the 4:20 glitch?

  • Bastian Juul Hagen
    Bastian Juul Hagen

    Only me who absolutely hates home schooling and rly wants to get back