Eating ONLY Sidemen $100 Mukbang Food For 24 Hours!
Eating Everything From The Sidemen $100 Mukbang, not the $10,000 Sidemen Mukbang

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Song Name: Fire
Artists: Shystie feat. Jme \u0026 Double S
Album: Shystie: Blue Magic
Producer: Elicit

Double S :


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Zerkaa | ZerkaaHD | ZerkaaPlays

  • Mukbang Mermaid
    Mukbang Mermaid

    🐳My tail is flippin and scales are twitching! 🐳Food Looks Amazing❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️ Keep Doing What Your Doing 🐳 I think im going to order a whopper from Burker King with extra onion hold the ketchup & mustard now! 🐳Love you❤️❤️❤️

  • Liv Jiggle
    Liv Jiggle

    Do I behind the sence of sideman shoot because I would love to see that and u r doing two vids at the same time so u can sort your schedule out

  • warrington

    10:02 442 keith would be proud. If u know u know

  • warrington

    Find these videos funny. Youd think no matter what idea youtubers come up with, it wouldnt affect their normal eating schedule (wouldnt mean them over eating, under eating or eating shit). This and other sdmn videos (like calorie challenges), theyre literally changing their diet for a full 24 hrs. Its unnatural lmao. This shit can affect u lmao. Its not just changing something for a short video. Its full 24 hr commitments

  • warrington

    5:29 i rate the mans work big time. Legend

  • Jay Bevoman #ItsComingHome
    Jay Bevoman #ItsComingHome

    Some of them meals people have to eat on their budgets and sidemen out here firing shots

  • B_M_NZ


  • Esther

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. Here’s a reminder of how much God loves you! God bless💗

  • UnknownV

    Kon the legend haha

  • ORoss31 HD
    ORoss31 HD

    It's OK to slow down a bit josh do one zerkaa Thursday every few weeks or something and same with reddit Monday.

  • Nick van de Veerdonk
    Nick van de Veerdonk

    josh at the begin of the video "im gonna eat everything" josh 10 minutes later "im gonna pass"

  • Georgie Prince
    Georgie Prince

    The bad foods being things I eat regularly 😂 seafood sticks are peng and heinz Mac and cheese is amazing

  • Ed Sharp
    Ed Sharp

    Sounds like you need an assistant Josh

  • Harbir

    You need to look after yourself brother okay

  • Ibraheem Rahman
    Ibraheem Rahman

    Hello hello hello !

  • Fatima Tutton
    Fatima Tutton

    We can all agree that Josh is the coolest 28 year old out there 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

  • Aaryan Sawant
    Aaryan Sawant

    Hey guys in the RACE ACROSS UK they said that at million likes they will do race across Europe and it got a million likes

  • Strey Demon
    Strey Demon

    Ethan ate all the the mac&cheese. An he even asked if he could get something for it.

  • Dropz

    bro with a rustlers burger is it just me or do anyone else put the burger in for like 50 seconds and then puts cheese on top in the microwave for another 10 seconds, toasted bun it is peng

  • Ramatu Ibrahim
    Ramatu Ibrahim

    Bro what happened??? Why’s the sidemen Sunday taking time!!!🥴

  • zzźq

    Eyes closed is maaad you know 4:34

  • Cinqfnbr

    13:54 why did he sound like yoshi 😭

  • Chidubem Duruibe
    Chidubem Duruibe

    Jesus loves you all!

  • Matthew Ukane
    Matthew Ukane

    When you run out of content:

  • Vazza 25
    Vazza 25

    Who else likes Fish sticks like Kanye

  • Aaditya Patil
    Aaditya Patil

    thank you josh for providing us with amazing content every week

  • Raf 10
    Raf 10

    Josh. Don’t feel bad about taking a break

  • k3rrfit

    When you run out of video ideas...

  • chicken playz
    chicken playz

    Is it me or do zerkaa videos just feel calm sometimes

  • RT9

    It’s okay to relax sometimes

  • Cameron Porter-Adams
    Cameron Porter-Adams

    Bro you’re amazing. Go on holiday when yiu can ;)

  • Logan Kennedy
    Logan Kennedy

    I don't think Thursdays need to be big and better, we like seeing the personal side of you boys. Sundays are for the big production.

  • MysticStrike Force
    MysticStrike Force

    Please for the love of god just have ethan be on the good team for once and have like JJ and simon but on the bad teams.

  • Simply For Fun
    Simply For Fun


  • Oliver Mané
    Oliver Mané

    Stop stressing yourself you don't have to upload on every channel every week. But thanks for all the content

  • Wxlfie94

    Whats soo bad about sardines on toast... its soo good!!!

  • Brayden Rhodes
    Brayden Rhodes

    Regular people: Guys I'm sorry, my workload is too heavy, I'm going to have to stop doing these Thursday videos Big Josher: My workload is so heavy.. I'm gonna make a schedule so I can make bigger and better ZerkaaThursdays. On the real though, Josh - It's okay to take it slow every once in a while. We know how hard you're working and we see the amazing content you push out for us to enjoy, but please don't burn yourself out.

  • Adna Adna
    Adna Adna

    just use another spinning weel

  • WarBoom

    You are the most consistent sidemen member.

  • WarBoom

    I say only upload once a week. Your life is just going to get more busy.

  • Pranav K
    Pranav K

    Maybe make zerkaa Thursdays once every two weeks so you can make "bigger" videos but still not be exhausted

  • Menacing God
    Menacing God

    the only thing i dont like about these videos is how hungry i am after watching

  • NoFace

    Wtf is a crab stick?

    • NoFace

      @daddy shrek wow I didn’t even realize that typo

    • daddy shrek
      daddy shrek

      LMAO ITS crab stick*

  • bang n boom
    bang n boom

    Next zerkaa Thursday $1000 vs $100 bad team getting the $1000 dinner vs $100 Josh's dinner (For ethan)

  • luke Walsh
    luke Walsh

    Posted this on your Reddit but... I’ll bang it on this aswell cause you get stuff done, so please get Santiago munez(kuno Becker)on zeros Thursdays or sidemen and ask him if he thought he’d be a icon like he is in the first goal...

  • Mike Petruccelli
    Mike Petruccelli

    I know random is fair but U need to nice Ethan ...

  • EJC

    Anyone else see the sad face in the mac and cheese when he was carrying the can or was it just me?

  • Riley Edwards
    Riley Edwards

    Zerkaa Saturday

  • Cornelius Marents
    Cornelius Marents

    Is it just norway that is using mackrel instead of sardiner?

  • Ekicc284 3030
    Ekicc284 3030

    I think we'll enjoy a video of you just starting at the camera for 10 minutes doing nothing😂 don't worry abous disappointing us

  • Ekicc284 3030
    Ekicc284 3030

    Don't stress yourself out this much, we'll understand if you miss a week or two of posting. Your mental health is more important, you've done so much for us already.

  • DasTheKid

    My music is blowing up this year fasho☝️🔥

  • Garnet Groove
    Garnet Groove

    Its so wholesome that you feel bad for Ethan because he’s never once had joined good team

  • Matty Harper
    Matty Harper

    The food videos are the best 👍

  • Atharv Kadam
    Atharv Kadam

    Ayooooo like this video guys

  • Patterrz

    I don't know how you have been managing all your own stuff AND the sidemen stuff for so llong, rest is very important man, hope you can find a good balance

  • Jenisha Anilkumar
    Jenisha Anilkumar

    My guy josh

  • Jack Gamblin
    Jack Gamblin

    Just stop streaming somuch

  • 『MK』SØLØ

    I'm the 609th comment

    • фFliскЕvаиs ф
      фFliскЕvаиs ф

      I'm the 619th comment

  • V B
    V B

    Josh, start a vlog. It'll bang.

  • Darshan Jansari
    Darshan Jansari

    To make it less stressful for you, you should only do zerkaa thursdays, and forget about reddit mondays. You should do reddit videos every 2 weeks on zerkaa thursdays instead so it will be easier for you to plan banger videos on zerkaa thursdays that would also be every two weeks.



  • Kyubbiz

    We want more EDITOR KON CUTSCENES lmao

  • koko

    Fam you should fried the crab stick cause the taste will be much more better..

  • G M
    G M

    take care of yourself and take a break

  • philpflop

    Josh treats the bad sidemen sunday stream coming up!

  • Ben Callan
    Ben Callan

    Ketchup on a hotdog... DISGUSTING!

  • Charlotte Boyy
    Charlotte Boyy

    hey lad, please dont push your self too much. your heath is more important we all do appreciate you posting, streaming but please dont do to much. ily

  • TheWhispererTwd

    You know $100 on food 24 hours is actually so much

  • zobe tagul
    zobe tagul

    Come on bro this ain't main channel material lmao

  • Anime Deus
    Anime Deus

    18hours 18k likes

  • Jordan Fraser2910
    Jordan Fraser2910

    I was proper gagging with the sardines

  • Jonathan Lewis
    Jonathan Lewis

    The dedication to the mac 😂

  • Aaron YT
    Aaron YT

    Josh, take a week off. Please

  • Wickerz

    Kon is a 🐐

  • Yung Mogli
    Yung Mogli

    Shizzzzz I'm late

  • asahd fifa pro ali
    asahd fifa pro ali

    You are a champion. Keep it up

  • katelyn m
    katelyn m

    Does anyone know the name of the song at the start of the video?

  • Omar Ahmed
    Omar Ahmed

    You're feeling a bit pressured , you should calm and slow down , don't worry we love you and support and enjoy every video you make , and when you've calmed down get ready to beat Tobi and Behz :P

  • OfficialGrizzy

    Yo Konstantino is a hero! finessed a whole pack of sardines, they are so nice with hot toast though!!I

  • Jodie Blackmore
    Jodie Blackmore

    Josh is so underated and people don't appreciate how he uploads twice a week still does sidemen videos on 3 of their channels and much more he works so hard but somehow he is still the least subscribed member of the sidemen

  • Aaron Lee
    Aaron Lee

    Makes me laugh when these youtubers create all these channels, and then moan about how busy they are. No one forced you to make all these channels, you did it for more money so don’t complain. It’s like me asking for more hours at work, and then complaining about all the extra work I’m now doing.

  • Scott Parker
    Scott Parker

    Big stinker

  • Pulakesh Lohiya
    Pulakesh Lohiya

    Now we know why there was no stream on Wednesday.

  • Nidhi Ahire
    Nidhi Ahire

    Josh, Instead of the Random Wheel, you can use the app that Picks a Finger out of the ones that you place on the screen. This would be a nice replacement for the wheel!💡

  • R OHXN
    R OHXN

    That title gave me dyslexia

    • R OHXN
      R OHXN

      But the video explained it

  • Almu2z

    They didnt have that much mac and chessr

  • Reetika Debroy
    Reetika Debroy

    I think the 100$ meal is not that much of a challenge on its own.. But seeing the other team eating the good stuff was the challenge.. 😅😅

  • TM1.7

    Yh it was £10000 vs £10

  • TM1.7

    Yh Josh deserves the bad team

  • BlueWingedSerpent

    I still cant get over jarred hotdogs

  • Lewis Bell
    Lewis Bell

    Sidemen should do Sidemen SAS: Who Dares Wins for a Sidemen Sunday with the presenters from SAS: Who Dares Wins on Channel 4

  • Claudio Luis
    Claudio Luis

    Josh, take care of yourself man. You're already doing more than I've asked for and want to see. It'd be a shame to see you burnout from everything you're doing

  • Safa Munir
    Safa Munir


  • Zed

    No way this costs £100 tho

    • фFliскЕvаиs ф
      фFliскЕvаиs ф

      Better clickbait tho bit weird if they go £32.60 Vs 10000

  • Chetan Mootien
    Chetan Mootien

    Ethan requires to be on the good team next time.....the guy has been on the bad team too much..

  • Charlie Doyle
    Charlie Doyle

    10:47 I’m eating a burger while on my phone watching Josh eat a burger while on his phone

  • SMusic

    It might just be me but I don't enjoy food videos that much, the occasional mukbang is fine because of the bants it creates, but at the end of the day you're just watching people eat. If it's just one person eating, there aren't any funny moments to be created either. I personally would prefer you do a tik tok try no to laugh over watching you just eat (that is if u are doing a lower effort video). However, I do realize that food vids do well and u gotta play the game. Just giving my opinion as a fan and consumer of your content.

  • iblamekristy

    "Go onto our next MIILLLLL"

  • Ameya Vaidya
    Ameya Vaidya

    I think you can do thursday to thursday vlog may be on a go pro when you go for shoots or run errands. Just a chill vlog when you have hectic week.