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For this week's Zerkaa Thursday, we're trying something new, for every question Freya gets right, she earns $1000.

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Song Name: Fire
Artists: Shystie feat. Jme \u0026 Double S
Album: Shystie: Blue Magic
Producer: Elicit

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Jme: twitter.com/JmeBBK
Double S : twitter.com/doubleSmusician
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  • Devesh Yadav
    Devesh Yadav

    They started dating on my birthday. FOOKIN GET IN LAD!!!!!

  • Mincraft Productions
    Mincraft Productions

    No way. Yours and freyas anniversary is on my birthday

  • Shadow

    7:49 omg how can you say you haven't spoken about it lmao

  • ruby creswell
    ruby creswell

    girlfriend vs bestfriend 10,000 test

  • Ross Shetliffe
    Ross Shetliffe

    i think it should be GEE next mate

  • Raul Jnagal
    Raul Jnagal

    We demand kon next please

  • Corey_46

    You mean pounds your not in American

  • Chongo Ok
    Chongo Ok

    1:15 if she listens to his leg she can get the answer

  • Styx The-noob
    Styx The-noob

    I'll volunteer as Tribute, would help me get baby stuff for my 1 week old newborn!

  • Ibrahim Adel
    Ibrahim Adel

    do it with simon

  • TheGreekGuyNL

    Freya I love Blastoise, so don’t say that

  • Anime VFX
    Anime VFX

    You guys started dating we I was 1 day old

  • EthanVanCleef

    she looks like she’s wearing a bib for pe😂😂

  • KiwiCool

    Do Tobi next

  • Brian Zamyslawski
    Brian Zamyslawski

    Dollars? I thought they live in England

  • Andrew Lizano
    Andrew Lizano

    Josh is literally dating a thinner version of Talia

  • Sam Taylor
    Sam Taylor

    What cricket team does she play for?

  • Brad

    She’s with u for ur ps bro

  • Sebastián Illés
    Sebastián Illés

    10:34 I fucking heard "When me and you used to bang Jim all the time" and I was like what...the fuck... Then the question popped up. I'm dead lol even the subtitles say that 😂

  • Nevan Douglas
    Nevan Douglas

    They been dating for 11YEARS??

  • Dorzyy

    kon next 1

  • Edward pike cricket
    Edward pike cricket

    Ngl they are adorable together

  • Mohsin Ali
    Mohsin Ali

    Do it with kon

  • Michael Grannell
    Michael Grannell

    josh: "when we used to bang gym" me: who tf is jim

  • Haku

    Wait, they started dating 10 years ago??? That’s crazy, when’s he going to ask her to marry her

  • Camdye18 gaming
    Camdye18 gaming

    Do another one with freya again

  • Amelia Rodriguez
    Amelia Rodriguez

    tobis gotta be next since hes known you for so longgg

  • Wyd Croissant
    Wyd Croissant

    Josh your girlfriend is a GOLD DIGGER because when u said get a question wrong you have to eat a hot pepper she started getting mad then when you said get a question Wright you get 1K she started getting happy

  • James

    Do one with Kon, give him questions like what’s the first video of yours he filmed, and first video he physically appeared in or what video have you both worked on that has the most views

  • Ethan Benton
    Ethan Benton

    Do tobi next

  • Kieran21 1
    Kieran21 1

    Kon should be next

  • Gerardo Ariza
    Gerardo Ariza

    Ethan so he can buy JJ gifts with the money he wins

  • Abrid

    Lol she could of done 12-5 but ok 👌 🤣

  • Filip Heggernes
    Filip Heggernes

    Comme to Bergen inn norway with the sidemenn after covid. its the second biggest city in norway.

  • sunflower

    Tobi next!!

  • David C
    David C

    Barry Lane 🤣🤣

  • Tom Hyde
    Tom Hyde

    Nice freya mannn

  • Tiff Farnsworth
    Tiff Farnsworth

    Damn seems like all she cares about is the money..

  • Is my banner black or red
    Is my banner black or red

    not a fan of the v neck sweater with a tshirt

  • Offense _Myth
    Offense _Myth

    " now im only gonna get 11000 cuz ive lost 1000 pound" Freza 2021 im sorry but thats not quite how maths works

  • Raahat Ahmed
    Raahat Ahmed

    Get vikk

  • Jordan Greene
    Jordan Greene

    I was 9 when they started dating and now Im almost 20....

  • Emma Shipley
    Emma Shipley

    How did she get from 5k to 3.5k without buying anything ?

  • Rxnaldo

    Would be sick to od this with viewers or Kon!

  • Nathanr016

    5:47 I like how she smiles when he says and then stops when he says wipe it off 😂

  • Joakim Heitmann
    Joakim Heitmann

    When you go Norway. Need a house to stay?

  • Fighterlm 1234
    Fighterlm 1234


  • Her Sunflower
    Her Sunflower

    I loved this video so can you do it with KSI pls ty !

  • archie martin
    archie martin

    If my girlfriend dressed like my grandad my would kick her out

  • Threezy3e Watches
    Threezy3e Watches

    Do pokemon trivia with Randolph for 10k

  • Help me get 1k subs with no vids by 2022
    Help me get 1k subs with no vids by 2022

    Who is waiting for Reddit Monday

  • Pindyy SvS
    Pindyy SvS

    Freya should be the next one

  • SUL


  • Callum Briggs
    Callum Briggs

    I swear if they say dollars one more time... You come from the UK!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack Wiltshaw
    Jack Wiltshaw

    Why does freya look like she is going out to play golf 😂😂😂😂

  • GravyGames

    Got ten grand to spend on a video idea but your girlfriend is still dressed like shes the lady that comes in and cleans the office

  • Royal_Ace

    Do JJ next, but instead of you giving him money all the time, he gives you money if he gets it wrong... 😁😎

  • M.B. 27
    M.B. 27

    Josh, you should come to Mauritius.

  • RedDevil21

    People buying apple products are so reckless and just outright stupid you don't need to spend 1k+ for a fucking phone just stop it

  • Riley Allan
    Riley Allan

    Freya in the thumbnail gives me nightmares

  • Dream League Shorts
    Dream League Shorts

    should be Talia and then josh needs to give her really easy questions so she can win more than Freya and then treat her parents with something really nice as well

  • djtucker141

    What is she wearing, grandpa clothing? 😂

  • Dutch van Der linde
    Dutch van Der linde

    Love u josh

  • Jimmy Sullivan
    Jimmy Sullivan

    hey josh i dont know if u are gonna watch this comment, but its actually funny that you started dating Freya on the 28th December 2010, one year after Jimmy The Rev Sullivan passed away, he, like you, used to play drums as a kid, but he really got success with his band Avenged Sevenfold and even awarded as best drummer of 2009!

  • Shane Doyle
    Shane Doyle

    Theres no way she deadlifts 60kg plus she weighs about 50kg and has no muscles

  • WilmottOntheGo

    Do one with Harry or jj, it will get you hella views and it would be so jokes as to see their answers and what they buy

  • Abzie 69
    Abzie 69

    Where is the light bar from Freya background from ???

  • Austin Fouch
    Austin Fouch


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    Marko Pejchinoski


  • Sonkei Gaming
    Sonkei Gaming

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    J reynolds


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  • Sharena xo
    Sharena xo

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  • Patrick Power Videos
    Patrick Power Videos

    Good stuff on the Happy Hour Podcast mate. Very obvious you are a genuine guy.

  • Hentai enthusiast
    Hentai enthusiast

    Why are they calling on discord dont they live together?

  • Gaming Squid
    Gaming Squid

    I don’t know why I watch these I just get lonely and how they have a relationship and that no1 likes me

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus

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    Andrew Svensson

    Hade Talia in ep 2

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    mohammed ziyara


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    Liam Thacker

    Freya COYS

  • Alfred Kedeborn
    Alfred Kedeborn


  • Sn1P3s

    Why are they saying $ it £

  • Nevin Hattle
    Nevin Hattle

    Banger video guys, and freya is very selfless i love it big up

  • Random Clips
    Random Clips

    we need one with randolph

  • Mads Dahl
    Mads Dahl

    I’m a big fan from norway. Please tell us if you come here🥰

  • Orbital

    Should get DEJI.❤️

  • Chickenplayz 2
    Chickenplayz 2

    Josh where's the sidemen sunday

  • Ali rihan Rasheed
    Ali rihan Rasheed

    I'd really like to welcome Josh if he comes around to my country (Maldives)

  • Jack Saxton
    Jack Saxton

    Why’s Freya raided my Grandad’s golf jumpers 😂

  • Justin VanAchte
    Justin VanAchte

    Do the king himself Vikkstar123 next

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    Jackson Baker

    Freya was was so stressed the whole video

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    Nick Ramirez

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    Daniel Hancock

    £10,000 your English stop with the $$$. Stay true to your roots lol

  • Steffen Ejstrup
    Steffen Ejstrup

    Behzinga so he can buy new stuff for JJ!


    Do one with kon please

  • sophie.

    freya is the sweetest girl ever

  • Anfernee Manansala
    Anfernee Manansala

    Respect to josh for having Randy as his most played Spotify artist