Why W2S Attacked Me...
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Song Name: Fire
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Album: Shystie: Blue Magic
Producer: Elicit

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  • Harrison Howard
    Harrison Howard

    Josh, what about a sidemen irl Cluedo, where u can dress as the peaky blinders???

  • Trevor Blassingame
    Trevor Blassingame

    Sidemen play real life Clue

  • brandon Mckay
    brandon Mckay

    MoreSidemen idea: a football manager sim with all 7 sidemen managing all there favourite teams or 7 different mid table premier league team and see who can be the most successful within like 3 or 4 seasons, would actually be very enjoyable to watch.

  • B_M_NZ


  • Shragyy

    Zerka u r the best keep doing this its very entertaining plz never stop it u r my fav in sidemen

  • Thuv4_

    AbdulHD trained so hard he became sitama

  • Dawud

    Lmao vik was the tallest peaky blinder

  • SA3D

    guys, I listened and checked the playlist of the Role Play GTA on his second channel. it's Really funny LOOOOL

  • Kyle Leach
    Kyle Leach

    Just watch family guy on disney plus pal

  • Tomas Ricchetti Pucheta
    Tomas Ricchetti Pucheta

    Kon is goated

  • Vic Martinez
    Vic Martinez

    Like a Sherlock Holmes sidemen video

  • AmDanishboy

    From what video is the clip of Harry hitting josh?

  • AKIB

    haven't watched the video yet, but i am disappointed about the punctuation in the title. jus saying.

  • C3 origin
    C3 origin

    Ayyyyyy my comment made it into the video 🤣

  • Djfrankenstein

    3:30 Some type of like detective thing?

  • Qasim Iqbal
    Qasim Iqbal

    Investigation type of thing for the peaky blinders clothes

  • Ben

    Alternative title: doing a reddit Monday at 3am challenge

  • Jxke Boii96
    Jxke Boii96

    Or get Disney Plus if you want to watch ALL the family guy seasons 😉

  • lewis rooker
    lewis rooker

    19 seasons of family guy is available on Disney+ mate

  • Gianni Ferrazzano
    Gianni Ferrazzano

    SIDEMEN BIG BROTHER with all the girl friends in it to

  • liam

    5:45 dyslexic josh?

  • Liss Jayne
    Liss Jayne

    You as Disney character you look like Jack whitehall

  • bigtscott

    Hello Hello Hello

  • Andrew Morris
    Andrew Morris

    Family guy is on Disney+ but I get what he was selling

  • A Archer
    A Archer

    Big up SabaZerk

  • Splash

    Josh is acting like he can't watch family guy on disney plus...

  • Psyche

    They should add the Sidemen to Brawlhalla

  • Quinn Newbury
    Quinn Newbury

    family guy is on disney+👀

  • sunny almand
    sunny almand

    josh we love you but we will still love you the same amount if you take a mental health break or do just one video or none a week, you need a break, you post almost everyday. take a break

  • Dylan Sharkey
    Dylan Sharkey

    Video idea: There is a red and a blue team and youse both split up and make a summer tune like the Christmas song but a song for a summer festival type thing.

  • Beth Holman
    Beth Holman

    WIZ IN THR GTA CLIP GAVE ME MASSIVE NODTALGIA 😭😭😭 I miss those videos sm

  • Idde Österman
    Idde Österman

    Sidemen x DudePerfect ?

  • Black Elroyy
    Black Elroyy

    More Sidemen Mafia

  • Franky

    What’s the vid?

  • Mubashshir Aziz
    Mubashshir Aziz

    Play fifa agian😔.. sideman vs random 😔

  • ThisCharmingMan

    KSI x Josh collab will be a reaction to Tommy T gta roleplay song.

  • Wolf

    2:24 Knowing JJ, he'll box anyone if he doesn't get PHAT tips

  • Benjamin Gillum
    Benjamin Gillum

    Josh:"why am I recording at 4am" Me: *watching at 4 am* 😅

  • Alex

    NEW IDEA: using the art in the beginning as inspiration, do a Sherlock and Holmes style who done it party. Like a murder mystery

  • JT4HD

    5:51 whats the girl called that josh got caught in 4k

  • Kyle Haydock
    Kyle Haydock

    Dunno me it’s Tommy T

  • Ryan Oliver
    Ryan Oliver

    Sidemen real life Cludo so they can dress as peaky blinders

  • Food Reacts
    Food Reacts

    ABDUL deserves a round of applause

  • Food Reacts
    Food Reacts

    RP is definitely best series ever

  • ashas09

    Instead of KSI vs The Sidemen do a peaky blinders massive fight. Get lux n freeze, gibber, weller, deji get a hole load of the boi and forget man like ChipsinaCone (Chip) 'sidemen vs youtube all stars bar fight' 💪😂

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell

    FYI family guy is all on Disney plus

  • byzr nz
    byzr nz

    Game idea :ISnets boxing game, have youtubers and make them fight in a ring, easy money

  • CA9

    Josh and abdul should do a role-play stream with modest pelican and barry if ykyk

  • Jazblood

    Yo could do a murder mystery type deal like IRL cludo

  • Adam Stevens
    Adam Stevens

    sidemen water fight is a shout

  • zaid zahid
    zaid zahid

    Next Sidemen Sunday idea: Dress up as Peaky Blinders gang members and discover murder mysteries.

  • Peanut fashion Peanut fashion
    Peanut fashion Peanut fashion

    Zerkaa pin this comment if KSI is not 6ft all love

  • Jonesy1986gaming

    Big up pokevici dudes a genius bro, woodworking genius, his card stands are a madness 🙌🔥🔥🔥

  • Liam Bumby
    Liam Bumby

    Disney +

  • Audrey Nurdiana Sutami
    Audrey Nurdiana Sutami

    Have a “CERTIFIED” on your head TOP

  • MGO

    Peaky blinders = best show

  • Ben Stratford
    Ben Stratford

    Family guy is on Disneyplus now guys

  • Armzilla 123
    Armzilla 123

    “Why am I recording at 4am?” GTA RP

  • Kilwolski

    But family guy is on Disney plus and it’s every season but the newest

  • Surinder Goyal
    Surinder Goyal

    Trending for gaming,again

  • Jonathan Molik
    Jonathan Molik

    Peaky Blinders idea: rent the mansion from the show and do a murder mystery like during the ballot episode. Would be cold.

  • Nick McGrane
    Nick McGrane

    Seeing Abdul react to this video is so wholesome

  • Conor Young
    Conor Young

    Murder mystery would be a shout

  • Reegan Meraw
    Reegan Meraw

    Outfits @ 3:27 can be used for a Sherlock homes solving mysteries sidemen sunday

  • Alex Ha
    Alex Ha

    We all know he filmed this video right after a GTA RP stream! Curfew in the mud.

  • Arcadian Fox
    Arcadian Fox

    7 Sidemen, 7 Kingdoms, Open World RPG. Different kings, different alignments, different strengths. That's all you should need to make a good game...

  • Richard Gunn
    Richard Gunn

    Maybe for the Peaky Blinders shoot you could arrange a private horse race and bet on them between yourselves?

  • Ben Westwood
    Ben Westwood

    Sidemen go back in time, where they have a day where they live with out phones and stuff like that. Obviously u can build of the idea

  • Life Of Nat
    Life Of Nat

    ‘I wanted to watch Family guy’... have you tried Disney plus ? Lol

  • RobloxGrinderz YT
    RobloxGrinderz YT

    for the first time it isnt jaden brown

  • Mr Macabre
    Mr Macabre

    You could dress like the peaky blinders for and old school murder mystery game? Sherlock n dat. But maybe the sidemen would be too pepega for that idea

  • Aodhán McEvoy
    Aodhán McEvoy

    It’s not a Reddit Monday without clickbait

  • gaming with josh
    gaming with josh

    or you could just go to ITV and watch family guy

  • Kate Swan
    Kate Swan

    who else's favourite sidemen member is josh?!

  • lewis

    I got idea, sidemen working normal jobs for a week or a day whatever you order

    • lewis


  • ConnorCantGame

    Josh charge ur phone, I see that red battery

  • Luddzzze _
    Luddzzze _

    I like how he said that he’s the new kid on the block

  • Doxy

    sidemen $10000 vs $100 Drinkbang, one team goes on a wine tour and one a pub crawl

  • matt robo
    matt robo

    yes albam

  • ChosenALEX96 ST
    ChosenALEX96 ST

    Finish the season 2 finale of f1 racing team

  • ger mc kenna
    ger mc kenna

    Get JME in on that album

  • JJ Gti
    JJ Gti

    Video idea: probably already down but I feel sidemen catchphrase would be hilarious. You could get fans to submit animations and the catchphrases could be normal or based on certain sidemen moments throughout the years

  • Dyjfjufiydh Gugkufjufiufuu
    Dyjfjufiydh Gugkufjufiufuu

    Josh/Zerkaa : A new video coming with JJ ME : Tic Tic Tic Tok

  • MafoGuy

    3:20 Sidemen tries to solve a murder case in which they will be split in two teams and who ever solves it first wins.

  • Owen Raw
    Owen Raw

    You know what picture is going to be put as the my famous birthdays picture.

  • MolFitz

    Can we just talk about what josh watches in Netflix??? XDDD Josh you very naughty

  • Keaton Sahota
    Keaton Sahota

    Kon tryna be like mo👎

  • Kade ___
    Kade ___

    That tradewar idea is actually really good to be fair. There was a show i watched back in highschool and it was the exact same concept, very entertaining 🤷‍♂️

  • Atharva Karve
    Atharva Karve

    wait did i hear that correctly... he read "caught in 4k 3 times now" as "caught in 3k four times now" hahahaha lmaoooo

  • Gaming Tv
    Gaming Tv

    If Sidemen made a game they should make it like Streamer life simulator but you can choose whatever Sidemen you want and then play as them and build up the streaming and then later on in the game you can start living with the others. Just an idea i thought was sick Like if you think it would be sick

  • MK _
    MK _

    The pen fully is more interesting

  • •

    Hello hello hello welcome to Clickbait Monday!

  • Owen chadburn
    Owen chadburn

    Can you please start a dying light series with at least one other sidemen *preferably Simon or Vik

  • Pxelboi 12
    Pxelboi 12

    Just go on to Disney plus

  • Ryan Reynolds
    Ryan Reynolds

    Reddit Wednesday’s (sounds good too), Zerkaa?

  • Anand Vijay
    Anand Vijay

    3:20 you can play detective

  • thunderlord rage
    thunderlord rage

    Love you josh for awesome videos And Video idea : Sidemen Lego building challenge

  • Sharpie74

    Sidemen Mafia you can use those outfits or Sidemen Clue

  • Ryan Reynolds
    Ryan Reynolds

    My guy we appreciate the amount you upload

  • Libby Rose
    Libby Rose

    Video idea for the peaky blinders outfits- hide and seek at the Black Country museum dressed as peaky blinders🤷🏻‍♀️ some of the series was filmed there, just an idea :)